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Today I am sharing with you my top destinations for Winter sun. We have luckily been blessed with a rather mild Autumn this year in the UK. The 21st of December marks the official start of Winter which can mean only one thing, the weather is only going to get so much worse!

We can’t be blamed for wanting to escape to more sunnier climes at this time of year. There is nothing better than jetting off, leaving behind a cold and miserable UK. In search of somewhere warm and sunny, but where should you head for guaranteed sunshine?

Let’s take a look…

Cape Verde

Flight time – 6 hours

Weather – The sun rarely stops shining in Cape Verde, with year-round temperatures ranging from 24-30 (°C)

Cape Verde comprises of ten unique islands lying off the west coast of Africa. The islands have stunning white sand beaches, dramatic surf, tropical birds and fascinating sea life.

If your holidays are all about action and adventure, then you’ll love all the adrenaline-fuelled activities you can try out in Cape Verde. Either that or lay back and watch it all from your sun lounger.


Flight time – 4 hours

Weather – 18-25 °C The Canaries enjoy a steady amount of glorious sunshine throughout the year.

No matter which Canary Island you visit, you’re bound to experience warm and sunny weather at any time of year. We visited Fuerteventura in March this year and had great weather. The Canary Islands are very family friendly. The short flight time being a major draw.


Flight time – 7 hours

Weather – During the winter season Dubai has an average daytime temperature of 25 °C.

Perpetually sunny Dubai. I’ve never been but I’d really like to. I’ve heard the heat here is just incredible. It’s the place you can combine a city and beach break. Dubai really does have it all.


Flight time – 10-11 hours

Weather – The Caribbean has an average daily temperatures of 28°C.

Looking for sometwhere a little more exotic? The Caribbean could be the perfect place for you. Virtually unspoilt and breathtaking in every way. Dip your toes in the crystal clear waters and relax on the beach or explore the island’s lush rainforests. Not to mention the amazing food!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Kaftan and let’s get packing!

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