The Nutcracker and The Mouse King

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Last week Rosalie and I went to see The Nutcracker and The Mouse King at the Cornerstone Arts Centre.

It was such a good show. I honestly can’t rave about it enough.

There were only 5 actors in the whole performance. Yet they were so so talented. Each actor played multiple parts as well as a selection of musical instruments.

It really does blow my mind how talented some people are.

I love going to the theatre and so far I haven’t been able to share that with Rosalie. I tried to take her to last year’s festive performance at the cornerstone but in the first 5 minutes a wolf howled and that was it Rosalie started crying so we had to make a quick exit.

I must admit because of that I was a little nervous about taking her this time but I didn’t need to worry at all. Any of the spookier bits were done in such way that they weren’t scary. It was more than suitable for Rosalie who has just turned three.

Rosalie absolutely loved it!

So much so that she has asked to go to the theatre again. She even asked to have a picture taken with the cast on our way out ?

It is such a family friendly show filed with festive fun, if you are local I would definitely recommend it.

Thank you for inviting Rosalie and I to her first ever musical. It was a wonderful performance and we will most definitely be back to see another show soon.

Below is a day in the life of our day and our trip to the theatre so you can see what we got up to there…



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    Surface House
    4th January 2018 at 9:08 PM

    Aww this is super cute. She actually asked to have the picture taken on the way out! Adorable. Best wishes for the new year!!

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