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October 2017


  Welcome to this week’s Grocery Haul and Meal Plan. I spent £63.50 in Sainsbury’s. We had planned to go to the butchers this week to restock our freezer with meat but we didn’t make it. Nick always chooses the meat in our house so when we go is largely dependent on when he is free. We literally have one pack of mince and a salmon fillet in the freezer and that is it so I bought another chicken this week…

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  • How to treat with chicken pox - Roseyhome - chicken pox, illness, sickness, childhood illness, how to treat

    How to treat chicken pox

    Chicken Pox has hit our house, HARD! Keep reading to see how to treat chicken pox in children. My beautiful girl is feeling very sorry for herself and with good reason…

  • My Sisters in October 2017 - Roseyhome - siblings project, photography project, photography, sisters, girls, siblings, family

    My Sisters in October 2017

      MY SISTERS IN OCTOBER 2017. I nearly didn’t join in this month. The house has been hit by chicken pox for the second time this year. Except it’s much worse…

  • Top tips on baby proofing your home - Roseyhome - home, baby, baby proofing, safety

    Top tips on baby proofing your home

      Time goes so quickly when you have a baby in the house. One minute your cuddling a tiny little bundle of joy, the next – you’re chasing after a walking,…

  • Maeve's 5 month Baby update - Roseyhome - baby update, postpartum update, baby, newborn, 5 month update, five month update

    Maeve’s 5 month baby update

      Maeve turned 5 months old today on the 8th of October 2017.   WEIGHT I haven’t had Maeve weighed yet! Oops, I’ll go on Tuesday and let you know.  …

  • Me and Mine - September 2017 - Roseyhome - Me and mine, photography, photography project, family (4 of 5)

    Me and Mine – September 2017

            September has been and gone. With it has come a calmness that as a family we’ve really needed. We’ve stayed in alot and after the busy-ness of…