Rosalie’s 22 month Update

Rosalie turned 22 months a week and a half ago. My goodness life is running away with me. I feel very emotional about it all and I had a little cry the other day that my baby is nearly two.
Daily: We have taken the side off of Rosalie’s cot. This means that every morning I wake up to Rosalie shouting ‘mummy cuddle!’ from her bedroom door. Gone are the days where she would sit and play nicely in her cot!
On work days we get dressed straight away and head downstairs for breakfast. On Tuesdays and Fridays we will have cuddles on the sofa in our pyjamas with our coffee and milk, before having a later breakfast.
Rosalie spends Mondays with Grandma where she goes to a Gym Joey class in the morning.
On Tuesday’s we usually have a stay at home day so mummy can do the house work. In the afternoon we tend to do some craft activities together. Rosalie loves drawing and play dough.
On Wednesday Rosalie goes to Nanny’s house. They usually go out for Lunch with Rosalie’s Great Nanny Pat. I will head over at about 4.30pm and then we all stay for dinner at Nanny Tracy’s house.
On Thursday’s Rosalie goes to a baby ballet class with Nanny and then I finish work at 12.30pm.
On Friday’s Rosalie and I usually go out for the day and catch up with our friends.
Since the side of the cot has come off Rosalie has not being taking any naps in the day, she really needs a nap so I am starting to plan trips in the car so she will at least sleep a little.


Playtime: Rosalie has really started to enjoy playing with other children. We met up with my best friend Abi and my goddaughter Olivia- Rose last week. Olivia-Rose is 9 months older than Rosalie and this is the first time they have really played with each other. Normally they run off in opposite directions. It was really lovely and wonderful to see. It meant that Abi and I could spend more time with each other too.
Rosalie really enjoys craft type activities at the moment. If you ask her what she wants to do she will always say drawing or play dough.
Although I think Rosalie’s favourite thing of all is to play in the garden. She loves it and would spend all day out there if I’d let her.


Bedtime: Rosalie goes to bed at 7pm every night. Although since we have taken the side off of her cot it is taking a lot longer to settle her. I don’t think Rosalie is ready really but it was thrust upon us. Rosalie climbed out of her cot and then did it again and again about 20 times. I was worried that she might really hurt herself so it had to come off.
We have started to read Rosalie’s bedtime stories to her whilst she is tucked up in to bed. I then have to rest my head on her pillow for about 10 minutes until she starts to drift off. I then say night night and give her a kiss before I leave.


Feeding: Since Rosalie has started to refuse to go to sleep in her bed at nap time, dinner times are often tearful. She hasn’t really been eating very much. She is definitely not finishing her plate like she used to. I hope that when everything settles down she will start eating properly again. I still give her whatever we are having  for dinner. I am just finding that some evenings Rosalie just picks at it and on occasion she won’t eat any. I figured she is not going to starve and she will eat if she is hungry. Rosalie’s two high teeth are coming through at the moment which may be another reason why she isn’t eating as much as normal if her mouth is sore.


Sizes: Rosalie is mostly wearing size 18 to 24 month age clothes. I have bought a few items in a larger size so that they last longer.
Rosalie is wearing size 5+ nappies
Teeth – Her two high teeth are coming down now. Rosalie will then have a full set of baby teeth at the front.
Talking – Rosalie repeats EVERYTHING!! Which isn’t always a good thing. She is saying so much and we have full on conversations. I run most things by her now. I give her options for what she wants to wear, eat, do. I love hearing what she wants to do. It’s just the cutest.
Potty training – Since Rosalie’s first poo we haven’t caught another. We go away in July for a short break and I think when we get back I will crack on with the potty training. I don’t think it will be as bad as I imagine, like giving up the dummy. I hope so anyway.
Ditching the Dummy – This has been brilliant. After the first few days Rosalie didn’t even mention the ‘num num’. After two weeks it hasn’t been missed at all. She has been a diamond.
Rosalie only two short months and I will have a two year old. WTH?!? You are absolutely perfect. My little treasure. We have so much fun together. I just wish I had more time with you. Next month we are going to Butlins which I think you are going to love. Hopefully there will be lots of wonderful memories made there.
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