Pregnancy – When the pregnancy test is wrong?

Okay, so  this is kind of a weird one. I think I am pregnant.

I am 17 days late. A sure sign one would think…  but not so I have done 3 tests, the clear blue digital tests so there can be no confusion, and they have all come back NOT PREGNANT.
Yet I still think I am.
Here’s why.
I can’t sleep – I can NEVER not sleep. I am one of those people that goes to bed at 10pm and doesn’t wake up until morning. I even got out to go for a wee the other night. Something I also don’t do, except when pregnant, obvs.
I’m tired – There are days when I’m tired, when Rosalie has a bad night, (this rarely happens, I know dream baby) or I have a late one but I still get on with it and do my thing. But THIS is really tired. I’m lying on the sofa in the evening and although racked by thirst I am too weary to go and make myself a cup of tea.
Thirst – Talking of thirst. I have been really thirsty. I keep waking up in the middle of the night needing a glass of water but feeling to tired to go and get one. Tired/thirst problem.
Feeling sick – I have not been sick but I have definitely gone off breakfast. I really have to force each spoonful of morning cereal down. I’m also not travelling well.
Twinges – I have had a few cramps and period type pains, not for a while now actually. Lately I seem to be feeling a sort of bubbling sensation in the womb area.
Faint –  Despite eating breakfast I find if I havn’t eating anything by 12pm I feel like I might faint. Like need to sit down or eat something this minute. This is most annoying as I don’t normally have lunch until 1pm.
So there you have it. I am convinced I am pregnant. I know it sounds crazy but a similar thing happened when I was pregnant with Rosalie. I found out I was preganant in December. I was late, nothing new really, my periods have always been quite random. We had been trying for about a month so I had an inkling I might be pregnant. It was the night of my work Christmas do, all expenses paid so I wanted to know if I could drink or not so I did a test, Negative. So off I went and got far too drunk, Like embarrassingly drunk! A week later after still not coming on I did another test and It was positive 1 – 2 weeks pregnant.
I have absolutely no idea how far along I am. Right now it is 7 weeks from the first day of my last period. I don’t expect to be that far along as I had a mix up with dates with Rosalie. See here.
Pregnancy tests these days say that you can tell from a few days before you missed period. That didn’t happen with Rosalie and it’s not happening now. I don’t know if maybe I just have really low levels of whatever hormone they test for, Or maybe I just grow babys very slowly, Is that even possible?
I know there’s a baby in my belly and I talk to him. He’s a boy, because I would really like to have a son next. I know what your thinking… Crazy not pregnant lady. I’m just sharing this because this may happen to others and I want you to know that just because you test negative it doesn’t mean you’re not pregnant.

Update – I did turn out to be pregnant but I then had a miscarriage. Doctors advised my hormone levels suggested I was 7 weeks pregnant when I miscarried.

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