Rosalie’s 43rd and 44th week of life & Weaning Diaries


43rd Week of Life

We spent this week on our holibobs in Marbella with family. It was Rosalie’s first holiday abroad. She was so good and as always took it all in her stride.

44th Week of life
On Saturday morning we were up bright and early to travel to Northampton where Nick was competing in the Crossfit competition, Pound for pound. We spent the day cheering daddy on and then we went back to the hotel for a swim in the pool and a lovely dinner.


On Sunday, Rosalie and I went back to the box to support Nick. Nick made it all the way to the final and amazingly won the competition!!
On Monday, Rosalie and I went to our usual swimming lesson and then had a relaxed afternoon at home whilst I began to tackle the mountain of holiday washing.
On Tuesday, I continued to wash all our holiday clothes!
On Wednesday, Nanna and I went to visit my Auntie Paula where we had a lovely lunch.
On Thursday, I went to visit my friend Naomi where started to beautify each other in preparation for Friday’s festivities.
On Friday, Nick and I attended the wedding of our friends, Laura and Jason so Rosalie spent the day with Grandma. It was the first time we had left Rosalie all day so I was a little nervous. We had such a great day and It sounded like Rosie and Grandma did too.



What Rosalie ate this week:

13th – 19th – We were on holiday this week so I didn’t record what Rosalie ate. We stayed in a house so Rosalie had a breakfast most days some of whatever Nick and I ordered or we would order her a kids meal.

20th – Breakfast – Pate on toast
     – Lunch – Raspberries, Apple purée, crisps, sandwich
     – Dinner – Jacket potatoe with tuna
21st – Breakfast – Full English
     – Lunch – BBQ, Raspberries
     – Dinner – Macaroni cheese, chips
22nd – Breakfast – Pate on toast
     – Lunch – Cream cheese sandwich, strawberries
     – Dinner – Homemade burgers, sweet potato and roasted vegetables
23rd – Breakfast – Blueberry wheats
     – Lunch – Spanish Omelette
     – Dinner – Chicken breast, roast pepper and asparagus, spinach
24th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
     – Lunch – Cream cheese sandwich, new potatoes,
     – Dinner – Steak stir fry, Apple puree
25th – Breakfast – Bluberry Wheats
     – Lunch – Cheese spread sandwich, noodles, raspberries
     – Dinner – Jacket Potatoe with Tuna
26th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
     – Lunch – Cheese spread sandwich, tomato noughts and crosses
     – Dinner – I’m not sure what Grandma and Rosalie had…
Rosalie is now having two breast feeds a day. One in the morning when she wakes up, usually at 7am and the other before bed at 6.30/7pmYou can view Rosalie’s 43rd and 44th week of life video here.

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