Rosalie’s 9 month update

I had said I wasn’t going to keep doing these written posts but so much has changed this month I feel I need to write it all down so I remember.

Weight: I took Rosalie to be weighed on Wednesday. She was 40 weeks and 5 days old and she weighed 21 lbs 11 oz.
Daily: Rosalie still goes to bed at 7pm every night and she gets up anytime from 5.30am till 7.30am. If she wakes before 6am I try not to get up to her. She mostly wakes up gradually and will happily play on her own in her cot until I go in to her. I will usually go and get Rosalie and breastfeed her at 7am.
At 9 am I give Rosalie her breakfast. At around 10/11am I will breast feed Rosalie and put her down for a nap. She usually sleeps for about 45 minutes but once slept for 2 hours (it was brilliant, I got so much done!). I give Rosalie her lunch at some time between 12 and 2pm. We usually have dinner at around 5.30/6pm. Rosalie sits in her highchair next to us and has her dinner at the table with us.
Once Rosalie has had dinner I will get her ready for bed. I clean her teeth and wash her face with a flannel and put her in her sleepsuit. I then breastfeed Rosalie, she usually falls asleep during this feed. I then transfer her to her cot.
Playtime: Rosalie is on the move!! She crawls everywhere now. She walks with her trolley of bricks. She cruises around the furniture. She pulls herself up and down and has even started to let go of things and balance freely for a few seconds before plopping back down on her bum.

Play time: The trolley of bricks has been used the most played with toy this month. She still uses her walker but likes the freedom of her trolley more. We have passed on our Jumperoo as she wasn’t really using it anymore and it takes up a lot of space. Rosalie can now stand up at her toy box reach in and pull out the toys she wants to play with. This means all her toys are getting a lot more use.

Ralph and Rosalie play together really nicely now. They play tug with each others toys which makes Rosalie laugh lots. She sounds just like the babies on the TV advert!
Rosalie still loves it when we sing to her. If she hears music she will stand up and bounce up and down as if she is dancing.
Bedtime: Rosalie still goes to bed at about 7pm each evening. Before bed I clean her teeth, change her nappy and dress her in a sleepsuit before putting her in sleeping bag. I then breast feed Rosalie until she falls asleep. I lay her down in her cot and turn on Ewan the dream sheep. If Rosalie wakes in the early evening I sneak upstairs, put her dummy back in and turn the sheep on, this normally does the trick and sends her back of to sleep. If she won’t settle I pick her up and rock her back to sleep in her rocking chair.
She is sleeping in a 2.5 tog sleeping bag in size 6 – 18 months.

Feeding: Rosalie is fully weaned now. She eats everything we eat. Mostly, Rosalie eats with us and has the same dinner as we are having. Sometimes I will feed Rosalie separately If we are eating later or if something isn’t suitable for her. the latter rarely happens these days, Rosie even eats steak now! If I am feeding Rosalie on her own she will have a home made dinner I have made previously and frozen.

Rosalie uses her fingers to feed herself most of the time now. I still spoon feed her yogurt or dessert. She has three meals a day. Breakfast is now blueberry wheats with whole milk. Rosalie picks up the squares and feeds herself.

Rosalie will have a picnic style snack lunch if I am having a sandwich. Or if I am making a different lunch Rosalie will have the same as me. Our favourites are: jacket potato with tuna, sardines on toast and Spanish omelette.
At dinner time Rosalie usually has whatever Nick and I are eating. We put it on a small plate in front of her. She eats spaghetti bolognaise, stir fry, jacket potatos, veg, chicken, steak and lots more!
Rosalie now only has 3 breast feeds in a day. One first thing in the morning when she wakes up. I feed her again around 10am before her nap. Her last feed is at 6.30pm before bedtime.

Sizes: Rosalie has just started to wear 9-12 month clothing. She wears 9-12 month vests every day. Some 9-12 clothing is still too big for her so I am having to be selective about what I dress her in. I haven’t done the big clothes change over yet as Rosalie is still wearing her age 6-9 month dresses and leggings. She has most definitely grown out of 6-9 tops, some 9-12 months tops are a little tight over Rosalie’s belly!

She is wearing a mixture of size 6-9 and 9-12 month sleep suits.
She is now in size 5 nappies from Aldi.


Crawling – Rosalie crawls, properly, everywhere now. She just wants to be off.
Cruising – Rosalie stands up and walks around the furniture. She pulls herself up and down.
Walking with her trolley – Rosalie pushes her brick trolley around all by herself. She has even started to turn corners.
Teeth – Rosalie has two teeth. The bottom right tooth came up first closely followed by her bottom left tooth. She has only just got these and it’s amazing what she eats with only these two little teeth.
Talking – Rosalie can say ‘Mama’, ‘Dada’ and ‘Nana’. She understands no but doesn’t always obey it. She stops what she is doing and turns to look at you when you say her name. She comes to you if you ask her to.
Kisses – Rosalie blows kisses.

9 months old. Eeek! We are entering the last 3 months of Rosalie’s first year. She has learnt so much over the last month I feel she is changing every day. I’m very aware that she is not a little baby anymore. Not only is she a bit of a lump size wise, she is average size, but compared to what she was before she has grown a lot.

It’s the way she looks at me like she understands and knows so much. I often think she is trying to tell me something as she chats away in baby talk. I feel like she knows exactly what she is saying and it’s just me that needs to understand.
She is such a laid back and happy baby. She takes everything in her stride. Her teeth haven’t bothered her at all. Touch wood she hasn’t been ill. She has had the odd sniffle but nothing that has made her unhappy. Now she is crawling and trying to walk she is constantly banging into things and falling over. She rarely cries and most of the time just carries on doing her thing.You can see how big Rosalie has got in her 9 month update video here.

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