My Garden – May 2015

I have a little garden, now promise you won’t laugh. It hasn’t many flowers and there isn’t any grass. But soon we are going to dig and plant…

Get rid of all the gravel and stones and those damn weeds, the dandelion eperdemic in weed corner depresses me so!
This is the year of the garden make over. Nick has promised that in July he will take a week off work and get the garden done. Our current garden is so NOT baby friendly. I hate it that when the sun shines, Rosalie and I can’t go and play in our own garden 🙁
So as most of us do before a big renovation I am busy pinning. I always get a little overwhelmed at this stage. I get nervous about making the right design decisions. I am well aware that once Nick has done the garden once, that’s it, they will be no changing it!
We are some what tied in what we can do.The garden is oddly shaped and we have some large gravel steps (see picture) where my raised beds live so they’ll be staying.

For the last three years I have dabbled in growing my own vegetables. Last year was my most successful yet and this year I hope to better it.
I’ve already started planting a few veggies out. I posted a video of where the garden is at the moment over on my YouTube channel here. There is also April’s Garden update that I filmed last month and never got round to uploading so you can see how much it’s all grown in a month.
The trouble is with growing actual vegetables is that our set up needs to be functional and that ain’t that pretty. I hope to be able to combine the two, to have a garden that looks good whilst still enables me to, easily, grow my own vegetables. Wish me luck.
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