Rosalie’s 7 Month Update

I  know I say this every month but I really can’t believe my baby is 7 months old! It’s flying by.
Weight: I took Rosalie to be weighed today. She is 30 weeks and 4 days old and she weighs 18lbs and 15 oz. Her weight is on track which means the weaning is going well.
Daily: Rosalie goes to bed at around 7pm every night and most of the time she sleeps through until morning. I’d say we have to get up to her one night a week.
Rosalie normally wakes at around 5 am for her first feed of the day although lately she has started to wake any time between 5am and 8am. If she wakes at 5am she will normally go back to sleep afterwards. If she wakes any later than 7am that’s her up for the day!
At 9 am I give Rosalie her breakfast. I was breast feeding Rosalie before this but have decided to try and cut down her breast feeds so I have started to drop this one. Sometimes she’ll feed sometimes she won’t.
At around 11am I will breast feed Rosalie and try and get her to have a nap, most days this doesn’t happen. I don’t worry too much about whether Rosalie naps or not. She is happier if she does but as she sleeps through the night I don’t mind, we can’t have it all! Between 12pm and 1pm I give rosalie her lunch.
I  breast feed Rosalie again in the afternoon anytime between 2 and 5pm. Some days Rosalie will have two afternoon feeds, other days just one.

We usually have dinner at around 6pm. Rosalie sits in her highchair next to us and has her dinner whilst we have ours. Rosalie eats whatever we are having for dinner.

Our bedtime routine has changed slightly. I was bathing Rosalie every night but her skin is quite sensitive/dry and I think it was too much for her. I now try and bath Rosalie only 2 or 3 nights a week. On the nights I’m not bathing Rosie, I will clean her up with a face cloth before dressing her in her pyjamas.Once she is all ready, I breastfeed Rosalie and cuddle her until she falls asleep. I will then transfer her to her cot.



Playtime: Rosalie is crawling! It’s a crawl of sorts anyway, she looks so funny. She likes to be down on the floor moving around but gets tired and frustrated easily as she hasn’t quite mastered it yet.
The walker is probably Rosalie’s favourite toy at the moment. She gets everywhere in it! She travels all round downstairs in it. She even takes herself into the utility room to watch the washing machine go round. She still likes to bounce in her Jumperoo.
Rosalie loves nursery rhymes. She smiles and laughs when we sing the ones she knows. I sing to her a lot so she knows quite a few! Rosalie has learnt to clap her hands and when we sing ‘patta cake, patta cake’ she claps along. It’s so cute.
Bedtime: Rosalie goes to bed at about 7pm each evening. Before bed I change her nappy and dress her in a sleepsuit before putting her in sleeping bag. I then breast feed Rosalie and we have cuddles until she falls asleep. I then lay her down in her cot and turn on ewan the dream sheep. If rosalie wakes in the early evening I put her dummy in and turn the sheep back on, this normally is enough to send her back to sleep. If she won’t settle and I pick her up and rock her back to sleep.
She is sleeping in a 2.5 tog sleeping bag in size 6 – 18 months. 

Feeding: Since turning 6 months old I feed Rosalie everything, either pureed, chopped up small or in big enough chunks for her to pick up and munch on herself.

I am still doing a mixture of spoon feeding and baby led weaning. Rosalie has three meals a day. Breakfast is porridge usually with some kind of fruit on top, either pureed or chopped. I feed this to Rosalie with a spoon. Rosalie insists on holding the spoon and I try and direct it in to her mouth.

For Lunch, Rosalie usually has a picnic style meal with different finger foods for her to try. Unless we are out at lunch time, in that case I will take purees or mashed food with me that I can feed her with a spoon as its less messy.

At dinner time Rosalie has whatever Nick and I are eating. She has it spoon fed from a bowl if it is runny for example chilli. Or if she can pick it up and feed it to herself I will set it out on her tray.

I have started to try and cut down the amount of breast feeds Rosalie has in a day. She always has her morning feed as soon as she wakes up and another feed around 11am. I am trying to drop the 9am feed. Sometimes she has it sometimes she doesn’t. It depends on how early she has got up really. If she wants it I will feed her. I am also trying to only given her one afternoon feed around 3.30pm. Sometimes this works out other times Rosalie will feed earlier at 2pm and then want feeding again at around 5pm. I tend to just see how she is and if she is grumpy and irritable I will feed her.

She doesn’t take long at all to feed these days so it isn’t a big deal whether she feeds or not.
Sizes: Rosalie is now wearing 6-9 month outfits and vests every day. I haven’t done the big clothes change over yet as I occasionally put her in 3-6 month leggings. We seem to have a lot of leggings in this size and they still fit. I guess Rosalie has little legs. As Rosalie is getting about a lot I like to put her in leggings either with tops or underneath her dresses as I feel they give her little knees abit more protection.She is wearing size 6-9 month sleep suits.

She is now in size 4+ nappies. Asda this week. 


Clapping – Rosalie has learnt to clap. She does it when you say ‘clap, clap’ or when you start singing ‘patta cake, patta cake’.

Crawling – Rosalie has learnt to crawl. In a fashion anyway. She’s up on her forearms and brings her knees up but still uses her feet to push herself along. Its a works in progress but she is on the move.
Sitting up – Rosalie is much better at sitting up now and can do so unsupported for much longer. She does eventually slope off to the side.
Standing up – Rosalie still likes to stand up when you hold her. She picks her feet off the floor and will take a few steps it you are holding her hands.
Using her walker – Rosalie gets everywhere in he walker now. It’s her favourite toy, I think she likes the freedom. She moves forward and backwards, goes around corners and can turn herself around in 180 degrees.
7 months. I have found this month harder, Rosalie has been quite clingy. She doesn’t like to be put down for long which can sometimes make doing the chores difficult. If I am holding her she is fine, I think she would happily sit on my hip all day. I try and do as much as I can one handed. She is learning so many new things everyday. I think it wears her out and then she gets teary.Most of the time she is a happy little thing. Always smiling and chatting away to herself. She sings me little songs. She is learning new things every day, she is so clever.  I agree with David Attenborough, Babies really are the most amazing creatures on the planet.

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