Rosalie’s 26th Week of Life & Weaning Diaries

Saturday was Valentines day. My mum and Andy came over for a takeaway and then they watched Rosalie for us so we could go out to a burlesque show. I was tres excited about this and it didn’t disappoint.

On Sunday, I cooked a Roast dinner for the family again. This time we had Mum, Nan and andy for dinner too. I did Roast Lamb followed by apple crumble and it was delicious! I’m getting rather good at a roast I must say.

On Monday, my mum came over for her usual weekly visit. Nanny Tracy looked after Rosalie so my Mum and I could go and see 50 Shades of Grey.

Tuesday was Pancake Day so Rosalie had her first taste of hanna pancakes.

On Wednesday, Rosalie and I went into town with my Nanny. We had a nice lunch and managed to get Rosalie’s passport photo taken too.

On Thursday I had a lunchtime visit from a friend and we had a lovely catch up.

On Friday Rosalie and I had to wait in for a delivery. It was annoying but worth it when it finally arrived! In the afternoon I went over to my mum’s as nick was working lates.

Rosalie's 26th Week of life & Weaning Diaries - Roseyhome - Take a look at what Rosalie is doing and eating this week - baby, weaning, week of life, weekly updates

What Rosalie had to eat this week:

14th – Breakfast – Apple and Porridge,
– Dinner – Mashed Carrot, Pear and Strawberries


15th – Breakfast – Banana and Porridge,
– Lunch – Carrot, Asparagus, Carrot and broccoli puree and Apple crumble16th – Breakfast – Pear and Porridge
– Lunch – biscuit
– Dinner – Carrot and broccoli puree and Pear

17th – Breakfast – Porridge and apple,
– Lunch – Pancake and Pear Puree
– Dinner – Carrot and broccoli puree, banana puree and strawberries

18th – Breakfast – Porridge and pear
– Dinner – Carrot and broccoli puree, Carrot sticks, Cucumber  sticks
19th – Breakfast – Porridge and pear
– Lunch – Carrot and Broccoli Puree and Pear Puree
– Dinner – Crackers, Cooked Carrot Sticks, Pasta, Apple Puree20th – Breakfast – Porridge and Banana

     – Lunch – Butternut squash and Pear
     – Dinner – Faggots, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, mashed potato, cooked carrot sticksYou can view Rosalie’s 26th week of life video here.

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