Rosalie’s Tenth Week of Life

This week has been quite eventful.

On Saturday we went out for a lovely meal with Nick’s family.
Sunday was Nick and I’s first wedding anniversary so we went out for a meal to celebrate. This was the first time we have ever left Rosalie. My mum looked after her and it was only for a few hours but I still missed her lots and couldn’t wait to get back.


On Monday my mum came over and looked after Rosalie whilst I took Ralph to the groomers. Our new tumble dryer was delivered. The joys of a tumble dryer are endless.
On Tuesday Rosalie and I went to baby group with the mums from our NCT class. Rosalie is the 2nd youngest baby but the biggest by far! :-s
On Wednesday we met up with my god daughter and her mummy, we visited our local farm to go to the pumpkin patch and had a nice lunch out. We also had a look at all the Christmas decorations. I need to start planning this years tree!
On Thursday morning I worked for a few hours so my mum came over and had Rosalie again. In the afternoon Rosalie had her first lot of jabs. It was horrible but Rosalie was so so brave. She only cried a little, straight after they injected her, and settled soon after. She sort of wimpered in the car on the way home. She has never cried like that before. It was heart breaking!
On Friday it was Halloween. I baked a cake for my nan’s cake stall at the church fete and took it round to her. Rosalie and I also met up for coffee with the NCT mums in the afternoon. Once home we then snuggled up on the sofa watching spooky movies and waiting for the trick or treaters.


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