Living Room Plan


We have just had the ceiling in the living room plastered and so are now able to start thinking about decorating the living room. It will be painted in Cotton White like the rest of the house and have an oak floor. We are very limited in what we can do with it as we are trying to keep costs as low as possible and so are stuck with the brown sofa. I would like to lighten the living room up and make it more cosy. The inspiration for this room was the image in the middle of the plan which I found on pinterest. I LOVE it! I just want to dive into that sofa and snuggle. I hope to recreate that feeling in our new living room. So here is my plan…

Floors and Walls

As discussed above the walls will be cotton white and the flooring we have ordered is the riffle oak laminate from floormaker. This was only £8.00 per meter. The wood we have chosen is really rustic looking and I think it will look lovely.


The curtains I plan to buy are from Ikea and cost £20. We will also be having these curtains in the kitchen/diner so hopefully it will tie the two rooms together.

Sofa and Throws

As said above we are stuck with this sofa as we only bought it three years ago when we first moved in. I no longer like the colour so plan to cover it in throws. This will also help with the Ralph fur/Baby sick sitch as it will mean I can easily throw the throws in the washing machine. The cream one is from Wilkinsons and is £3.00. The grey throws are from the Range and are currently £6.99 in the sale. I think I will need two of teose to cover the bottom seat pads of the sofa. I was thinking I would fold the grey flowery one fold up and leave it along the top of the sofa so it will be easy to pull off and snuggle under. The flowery throw is from Dunelm mill and is £24.99. Again quite pricey compared to the rest. I will definitely only be getting one of those!

Side Table

This is actually what we had in our old bathroom and it was used as a laundry basket. It is from Ikea. We are going to repurpose it to use it as a side table as we will no longer have a coffee table in the living room. This may change but at the moment we don’t think we need one. It will also be really useful for storing baby paraphernalia.


The fluffy cream cushion is from Store 21. I think this cushion was £7.99.

The neutral ribbed cushion is £7.00 and the larger natural cushion is £12.00. These are both from Wilkinson’s.


The grey cable knit cushion is from Dunelm mill. It is priced at £14.99 which when you compare it to the other cushions is quite expensive. I planned to have this cushion in the bedroom but I never got round to buying it. I’m still on the lookout for a cheaper one.


I want to get LOADS of cushions like in the picture so I will stock up on grey, buff, cream cushions whenever I see them at a reasonable price.

Grey Rug

The grey rug is from Ikea and is £80. We want quite a large one so it will be soft for the baby.

Wood basket

This wood basket is from Ebay. The cheapest one I have found is £45.00. I’m not sure if nick is going to allow me to spend that mucho n a basket :-s I think it is needed though as it brings the room together. Let’s see if I can talk him round.

Ceiling light

I’m not entirely sure this light will go but it was only £16 from Ikea and I thought if it didn’t I could always paint it white with my chalk paint.

TV Stand/Coffee table

This is our old coffee table we will be using this as a TV stand for the time being. In the end I hope to have in built shelves built in the living room and the TV will eventually sit on those but at the moment the shelves have to wait so we will be using the coffee table.

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