House Renovation – Living Room – Part 1

Last weekend was a busy one. We managed to get the living room painted (3 x coats of Dulux cotton white) and we started to lay the wood floor. Nick and I did this all on our own. Well, mainly Nick. I just had to hold the planks in place while he wielded his hammer.

This is what our living room looked like before. Excuse the boxes of kitchen stuff everywhere. As the rooms are getting finished one by one we are running out of space to store things.
Closed up doorway
Before – Window and door
Before – fireplace and plastered ceiling
This was the rather schex-ay tiled floor we found underneath the carpet.
Tile discovery
Nick then layed the underlay.
We then started on the floor.
New floor
By the end of the evening we had got this far.
Lovely new floor!
We couldn’t go any further as we had to wait for Nick and his dad to fit the heart first. They did this on Tuesday evening.


Still a little bit to go..


The floor we used was called Rustic VG and and was purchased from floormaker. We bought our last lot of laminate flooring from there for the bedroom and found them really reasonable so decided to buy from them again. We also knew that they delivered really quickly and as you know time is of the essence round here!Last night our good friend Simon the carpenter came round. He helped us finish off the last bit of flooring around the hearth as there were a few cuts that needed to be made to make it fit. Here it is, the finished floor…

finished flooring

I also cleaned the window and painted the window sill in the room on wednesday so once it had dried they hung up our new blind.

We are really making progress. I am so proud of Nick. He is doing so well. He is turning into an excellent DIY-er!
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