Pregnancy Update – 34 weeks


How far along? 34 weeks and 5 days Pregnant.

Maternity clothes:
I am nearly always wearing maternity clothes now. They are so much more
comfortable. My foot is better! Yey! so I can wear sandals again. This is
awesome as my feet were getting rather hot in trainers.

Stretch marks: No stretch marks yet. Still keeping up
with the multiple cream applications to help prevent them.


Sleep: Sleep has been much better this week. I have been
doing lots of painting this week which I think has tired me out which has meant
I have slept better. I’m not complaining as I feel much better for being able
to sleep through. Some nights I haven’t even got  out for a wee. This is novel!


Best moment this week: One of the ladies from my NCT
class gave birth this week. 5 weeks early at 35 weeks and 1 day! There is
nothing like the threat of early labour to put the wind up you. So I have now
packed mine and the baby’s hospital bag and Nick has worked out how to fit the
car seat. If the baby does come early we should be good to go. Except for, you
know, not having a home for it to come back too!
Miss anything? Not having a wriggly little worm inside


Movement: Big movements now, not as often but definitely
bigger kicks and wriggles. There are definitely down times when she is sleeping
and then bursts of activity when she is awake.
Anything making you queasy or sick? No not this week. I
feel like I have been eating like a horse this week! Trying to rein it in a bit


Gender: Girl. Another scan next week hopefully it’s still
a girl. I think I might ask, just to check!


Labour signs: No.


Symptoms: No symptoms so to speak this week. Just the
usual… Inability to bend over, get through small spaces etc.


Belly button in or out? Out.


Wedding rings on or off? On. They are getting quite tight
now though. I hope my finger doesn’t fall off!


Happy or moody most of the time: Happy.


Looking forward to: The cot was delivered yesterday to
Nick’s Mum’s I aam looking forward to be able to set that up. We will then be
able to do the finishing touches in the nursery like putting up shelves. It shouldn’t
be long until we can finish off the last few bits in there.
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