Garden Update – June 2014

In the first bed I have all my salad vegetables. The mixed lettuce leaves in the middle and top right hand squares are going well although it has been so hot lately that some of the plants have bolted. It’s abit of a waste at the moment as we have no kitchen so I just keep cutting the leaves back and throwing them in the compost.


Below the salad leaves in the bottom right hand square I planted spring onions. You can see a few of these sprouting. In the middle bottom square I have planted two mini red pepper plants. The middle square was supposed to be rocket but only one rocket plant grew from seed and so in the other spaces I planted some extra iceberg lettuce seedlings. In the top square I have planted the remaining Iceberg lettuces.

In the top left hand square I have planted some sweetcorn. These are looking very good. I suspect soon I will have to put my supports in the ground. Below in the left hand middle square are some carrots. These were also grown from seed and are doing quite well and below that in the bottoms left hand square is a yellow sweet pepper plant. This plant is normal sized.


Strawberry planter and tomatoes

My strawberry planter is still going strong three years later! I have probably had 8 strawberries already off of it this year. Behind that you can see the tomato plants, I bought these plants from the garden centre.



In the right hand plot I have planted some garlic bulbs, in the middle pot there is some beetroot and in the left hand pot there are some leeks. The asparagus in the biggest pots is sprouting some spears after three years of nothing! They are really skinny though so I am not sure they are edible :-s i will have to do some research but nice to see some spears all the same.

Vegetable bed

This is my vegetable bed. I have had a few garden emergencies in here! The first being the broccoli in the middle square. I had a nice healthy broccoli plant growing well when we had all that vicious wind. The wind blew off my plastic cover and one of the supports got dragged into the bed where it decapitated my broccoli plant, no other plants were damaged in this incident. The second disaster being my peas. These were also growing really well and looking good before I went on holiday. Whilst we were away I didn’t arrange for anyone to water the plants. I gave them a really good water before I left and hoped for the best. I also didn’t know whether to leave the covers on or off. At the end of May when we went the weather was still so changeable and so I took a gamble and left the plastic covers on. This was not a good move. We had a few really hot days and I came home to some frazzled pea plants. I had to dig them up and start again. I tried to buy some pea plants in the garden centre but they didn’t have any. I have tried growing them from seed again but so far all my attempts have have failed. I planted the seeds directly in the box but none have come up. I have tried one more time in pots so we will see what happens. The third issue is that the weather is now so hot that my spinach has bolted even before the seedlings have got thick stems. I think I am going to have to dig these up without eating a leaf!

The other plants in this bed are a corguette and squash plant. The corguette plant is planted in the left hand bottom two squares and is fairly monstrous already. The squash seedling is planted across the top left hand and middle squares. This is still small at the moment as I only planted this out yesterday. The seedling took so long to grow I had given up on it when it started sprouting. The bottom middle square is where my spinach is currently but as I said before this might have to come out soon. The right hand bottom square is where my red onion sets are planted. These have all sprouted so we should have lots of onions! In the right hand middle square is a cauliflower plant. This is looking quite strong now. The top right hand square is currently empty after my Pea failure so hopefully I will have some pea seedlings to plant in there shortly!


The last picture is of my potato bags. These were looking great before I went away but whilst I was on holiday they suffered a similar fate to my peas and I came home to crispy potato plants. I pulled a lot of the dead leaves off and now they are looking quite sparse I hoping that the will grow again so I will just have to wait and see. In the meantime I will be giving them lots of water!


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