House Renovation – Walk in Wardrobe – The Reveal!



The walk in wardrobe is now finished!
It is so nice for all of my clothes to have their own space and
to know where everything lives. Who knew being organised could be so

The wood floor was purchased online from floor maker. I
think it was around £8 per meter. The blinds in this room were the same as the ones in the
bedroom and ensuite. They are from 24/7 Blinds. The light fittings were £5 each from Ikea.



The shoe rack was £24.95 from Ebay. It is very flimsy
looking but it does the job and fills the space well. We shall see how long
this lasts.
The hook on the wall was in an old kitchen cupboard
downstairs so I painted it white and repurposed it up here as I wanted somewhere
to hang my dressing gown.



The wire chest of drawers are opposite the shoe rack on the
right hand side. They house all our t shirts, tops, shorts and tracksuit
bottoms. Both nick and I have one each.
They were from Ikea in the Algot range. The 6 drawer units were £37.00



The main wardrobes were purchased from Ikea again but these
were in the Pax range. We measured the space we had and then went to see a
wardrobe specialist at Ikea who told us what would fit the space and what bits
we needed. I would definitely recommend doing this as some wardrobe sizes have
the poles and shelves included  and some
do not so you have to buy them extra. Different depth wardrobes have different
fittings, which we didn’t realise either until speaking to the wardrobe
specialist. We didn’t buy doors as we like to be able to see what we have got
to wear.



In this wardrobe I have hung up all my Jumpers and cardigans
on the first shelf I have summer cardigans folded up and on the bottom shelf
lighter jumpers folded up. On the very top shelf of this wardrobe is where my
jeans are stored.



On the outside of this wardrobe we have attached the Ikea
Komplement trouser rails. All my other trousers are hung up on here. The shoe
rack under the window was downstairs by our front door but has been moved up to
our wardrobe. It fits the space well. This shoe rack was also from Ikea.



We then have 3 Ikea pax wardrobes along the back wall. The
first of which houses all my day dresses. On the top shelf are all my hoodies
with my jersey and maxi dresses alongside. There are 3 more Komplement rails on
the end of that wardrobe that house nick’s trousers.
The next smaller wardrobe houses my shirts on the bottom
rail and my skirts on the top rail. The top shelf in this wardrobe has my shorts
and leggings on.



The corner cabinet belongs to nick. His shirt’s hang on the
bottom rail with his suits and suit shirts on the rail above. His Jeans are
folded up on the top shelf.
Nick has then attached a rail along the gap between the wall
and the wardrobe. This also helps disguise the door to this room. We have the
door bolted at the bottom and this door will not be used. We didn’t want to get
rid of this door in case it devalued the house. We want people to see that it
can still be used as a 4th bedroom. This rail houses all my going
out dresses with my heels underneath.



The last wardrobe belongs to nick. He has all his ‘nice’ T
shirts hung up in this rail and his polo shirts. His ‘nice’ jumpers and jackets
are on the bottom rail. The top shelf of his wardrobe is home to all his caps
and the two wicker baskets above house his ties and woolly hats. These were
from Store 21 and cost £3.99.
I have ordered two more wicker baskets from Ebay to go on
top of the wardrobe along the bottom. These will house my handbags and holiday
That’s it! I’m really enjoying not having an overstuffed
wardrobe and being able to see what clothes I actually have. From now on I am
going to operate a one in, one out rule so that it doesn’t get over filled
again. Wish me luck with that! :-s
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