5 Home Improvement Hacks

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Home improvements sound like a lot of work, don’t they? All the dust, the piercing noise of a drill while your trying to drink your morning coffee, and not to mention the expense. But what about the results? Freshly decorated rooms and a home that you can fall in love with all over again. You have to ask yourself, will it be worth it?

Well, if you want to make a big change to your home like renovating your kitchen, you’ll have to weigh it up. But consider that a few well thought out changes can make the world of difference to your homes interior with minimal effort. Here are some tips on how to make quick and easy home improvements to update your home without spending tons of time or money on it.


Paint an accent wall

Painting is the low-commitment, low-cost home improvement project. Sure, it takes time, thought and effort to do, but not as much as other projects like , or renovating a kitchen. These usually cost thousands, whereas painting a room or a wall could cost under a hundred pounds, depending on which paint you choose.

If you just paint an accent wall, for instance behind the bed in your bedroom, or the back of your bathroom. This can often really change the look and feel of a space for the better, which is fantastic news for such a relatively low-risk job. It’s popular to paint accent walls in grey or jewel tones, but think about what colour would make you happy and go from there.

The great thing about a lick of paint is that it’s easily reversed in a weekend. The same is true about wallpaper. You can even get temporary wallpaper these days, which is easily removed. This is an even lower commitment option for those of us who like a lot of change, but are afraid of committing to a drastic change.


Spruce up your windows

Windows are some of the most neglected parts of our home, which we often take for granted. Yes, we like to buy curtains and decorate them according to the seasons, but do we ever think to maintain them and give them some love? If you do, high five to yourself. But if not, like me, take a careful look at them and see what’s what you think.

Often all they need is some light maintenance, and perhaps some paint if you have painted window frames. If you’ve got uPVC windows, you’ll want to wipe them down with soapy water and just check everything is working as it should be (and that there’s nothing stuck between the sash parts, as this can cause issues).

Wooden windows may require a bit more care, as they can contract and warp in their frames due to moisture or heat variation. You may need to sand down parts that have expanded, and re-stain or paint them. A careful look at your windows can tell you a lot about them that you hadn’t previously considered. If they are leaking air, fogging up or are not working at all, they may need replacing.

Apply decals to backsplashes

Tiling is a bore. And don’t get me started on grouting. There are very good reasons why we pay people to do these things. Primarily, they are difficult to do, require a specific skill set most of us don’t have, are tedious and time consuming. However, who doesn’t love a brand new tiled wall!

Kitchen backsplashes are clean and sparkling for a while, but before you know it the grouting is all damaged and the tiles are falling apart. This is where decals can really save your butt when it comes to re-doing your kitchen if you haven’t got a lot of time, money or effort to throw at it. There are some amazing tile-like decals you just stick on and admire.

There are a ton of different backsplash decals you can choose from like these ones, that aren’t very expensive but add a splash of colour and some lovely design details to your kitchen or bathroom.


Add plants

When in doubt, visit the garden centre! That’s my motto, at least. For spaces that are feeling a bit drab and lifeless, or that seem too open and empty, buying a nice big plant to fill that place and add some vibrancy can be just the ticket. Plants can remedy a number of problems. They can make stuffy rooms lively again. They can make us happier, and give us something to take care of.

Of course, they also cost money, but you don’t necessarily have to break the bank. Ask around, see if anyone has too many (some people hoard plants, it happens, no judgement) that they can offer you. Sometimes, kind neighbours will even offer you cuttings. But hands off the prize-winning azaleas, you’ll have them over my dead body! (just kidding)


All in all, the most important thing is that you feel happy in your home. If that requires a quick, cheap and easy solution, excellent! If not, you may have to call an expert to help.


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