Bonfire Night Party Haul

Bonfire Night Party Haul - Roseyhome - bonfire night, guy fawkes night, party, haul

Tomorrow is the 5th of November and we will be having a little family bonfire party at my Mum’s house.


I plan to cook a number of tasty recipes from November’s Ideal home Magazine these include: Posh hotdogs with crispy onions and sweet mustard ketchup, Garlicky mini jacket potatoes, Catherine wheel meringues and Chocolate banoffee cake. Unfortunately I couldn’t find these recipes online to link them so if they are good I will post them next week on my blog. The recipe for the Spiced Apple Juice that I will be serving can be found here.


Here is a party decor haul of all the pieces I picked up for our bonfire party.


You can find links to all the items in this haul here:

Plates – Amazon

Napkins – Amazon

Popcorn Cartons – Amazon

Hotdog trays – Amazon

Cups – Amazon

Skewers – Amazon

Cake Sparklers – Amazon

Passionfruit Curd – Amazon

Sparklers – Poundland

Fountain – Poundland

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