Rosalie’s 13 month update

13 months and counting. You have really found your feet now and are loving exploring everything. You light up my life and are a joy to be around.
Weight: Rosalie weighs


Daily: We have had to make some adjustments lately. I first started back at work in July but I still feel as though I havn’t got it together yet. I’m not sure I will ever feel like I’ve got things under control again.
Rosalie still wakes at 7am. We go downstairs and Rosalie will have a beaker of Cows milk. Between 8am and 9am Rosalie will have her breakfast. Usually at around 10.30am I will put Rosalie down for a nap. She normally sleeps for an hour or so.
When Rosalie wakes we will have lunch, followed by our afternoon activity.
I put her down for an afternoon nap at about 3.30pm. I have found that since we have returned from holiday Rosalie has needed two naps a day. I think now she is walking all the time, she needs it.
In the evening, we aim to have dinner at about 5.30pm/6pm. After dinner, I will get Rosalie ready for bed. Every night she has a bath, I clean her teeth and wash her face with a flannel. We then have towel cuddles and I dress Rosalie in her sleepsuit. I no longer breast feed Rosalie so I will pour her a beaker of cows milk and warm it up in the microwave. We then sit and read bedtime stories whilst Rosie drinks her milk. Once she has finished I lay her in her cot and tuck her in. I turn on Ewan the sheep and her night light show and let her drift off.
Playtime: Rosalie is really into books at the moment, in particular noisy books! Rosalie picks up her books and brings them to you when she wants you to read them to her. She loves touchy-feely books and lifting the flaps.
Rosalie can now get on and off her rocking horse on her own. She  has coco the rocking horse from mama and papas. She has learnt to squeeze his ear so he makes a noise.
When Rosalie plays with her shape sorter she can now put the different shapes through the different holes.
She now picks up her soft toys. She will give them a cuddle and a kiss.
Rosalie and Ralph are still best buddies and then play tug with each others toys.
Rosalie loves it when you chase her, particularly when she starts to go up the stairs.
Bedtime: Rosalie sleeps from 7pm until 7am. She very rarely wakes in the night. If she does, she normally settles herself.  If she doesn’t I go into her room and lay her down in her cot, Turn on her sheep and her light show and tuck her in again.
Feeding: Rosalie has three meals a day and snacks. She eats everything. I haven’t found a food she doesn’t like. I have now stopped breast feeding and I give Rosalie a beaker of whole cows milk in the morning as soon as she wakes and at night before bed.
Sizes: Rosalie wears both 9-12 and 12-18 month clothing. The 12 – 18 month clothing is a little big for her though. Rosalie had her feet measured this month and now owns her first pair of clarks shoes. I’d like to say its her first pay of shoes but that would be a lie. She has lots of shoes. I may have a slight obsession with baby shoes. Rosalie has quite wide and is measuring at size 4.5 H.
She is still in size 5 nappies.
Walking – Rosalie walks everywhere now. She spends her days running around causing havoc! I think I need to buy her some reigns.
Climbing – She climbs on everything! If something is stationary for more than two minutes Rosalies will try and mount it.
Teeth – Rosalie still has only 4 teeth. It has looked as though two more top teeth are about to come through but they still havnt appeared.
Talking – Rosalie can say ‘Mama’, ‘Dada’, ‘Nana’, ‘yea’, ‘no’,‘Dir-ty’, ‘woof’, ‘mooooo’, ‘tweet tweet’, and ‘nar-na’
Actions – Rosalie can clap, point and wave. She also gives cuddles and kisses.
13 months! Time just keeps slipping away from us. I long to just enjoy you. I do try but I feel like it is going all to quickly. I want to do fun things that you’ll enjoy and that make you smile. You have a gorgeous smile and lukily for me you smile a lot.
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