Autumn Bucket List

Lots of Autumnal inspired posts have started to pop up on my pinterest account. Long gone are the paddling pools and homemade ice pop recipes. They have been replaced with pumpkin patches and roaring fires. Not that I’m complaining. I’m ready to hunker down for the colder months.
A regular feature on my feed have been Autumn inspired bucket lists. How wonderful would it be if you could manage to do all the lovely autumnal activities that there are. I was inspired to come up with my own list. I wasn’t sure whether to write one or not. With Rosalie being only 13 months old, and with mummy going back to work 3 days a week!!! (distressed face emoji x a million) I’m not sure it’s entirely realistic. Some of the activities she is a little too young for, and I’m not sure where we will find the time to fit it all in before Christmas!
But I want to.
I want to be the mum that says yes as much as she can. I want to have the time to collect up leaves and turn them into Halloween bat decorations. I want to tick all the items of the list and make all the memories that comes with doing these fun things together.
So I did. A gentle reminder to myself of all the FREE, fun things that you can do at this time of year. There is no pressure, If we manage do these activities what a lovely way to spend a day it will be. If we don’t, no worries. I’ve written it down now so next year we can try to tick them off all over again.
So here is our Autumn Bucket list.
  • ·         buy an autumn candle
  • ·         collect conkers
  • ·         make leaf art
  • ·         splash in puddles
  • ·         make soup
  • ·         pick a pumpkin
  • ·         carve a pumpkin
  • ·         dress up for halloween
  • ·         buy a berry lipstick
  •           snuggle up and have a family movie afternoon
  • ·         have an autumn photoshoot
  • ·         go blackberry picking
  • ·         bake apple and blackberry crumble
  • ·         go to a bonfire
  • ·         see a firework display
  • ·         light sparklers


·   What’s on your Autumn bucket list? Have I missed anything out? What are your recommendations of things to do with a toddling baby?
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