Rosalie’s 49th week of life & weaning diaries

On Saturday, I had a wedding make up to do so Rosalie was looked after by her Grandma. In the afternoon, we went to lunch with Nanny Tracy, Grandad Steve, Nanny Pat, Auntie Lucy and Uncle Terry. Poor daddy couldn’t make it as he had to work.

On Sunday, Grandma and I went into to town to do a spot of shopping. We had lunch out and Rosalie had a play in the park.
Monday saw my first day back at work (sob! sob!). Rosalie was looked after by her Grandma for the day. They had a lovely day even if Grandma was rather exhausted by the end of it.
On Tuesday, Rosalie and I had lunch with Nana and then she came over to our house for a pedicure. We even managed to get most of this done whilst Rosalie had a nap. In the afternoon we sat and played.

On Wednesday, Rosalie spent the day with Nanny Tracy whilst I worked. Nanny Tracy even made us Lasagna for dinner so I didn’t have to cook.

On Thursday, I had to work so Daddy and Rosalie went for a walk into town. They had intended to go to soft play only to find it had closed down 🙁
On Friday, Daddy and Grandad Steve spent the day working on the garden. Rosalie and I relaxed at home and tried our best to stay out of the way. Rosalie was desperate to join them!

This is what Rosalie had to eat this week:

25th – Breakfast – Cheese spread on toast
– Lunch – Roast dinner
– Dinner – fish and chips, Eton mess
26th – Breakfast – pate on toast
– Lunch – Ham sandwich, skips, grapes
– Dinner – Chicken, Broccoli and sweet potato
27th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
– Lunch – Cheese sandwich, quavers, yogurt
– Dinner – Bacon, sweet potato, egg, beans
28th – Breakfast – blueberry Wheats
– Lunch – Mackerel pate sandwich
– Dinner – Fajitas
29th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
– Lunch – Scrambled egg and beans
– Dinner – Lasagna
30th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
– Lunch – Cream cheese sandwich, raspberries, yogurt,
– Dinner – Steak, potatoes from the garden, spinach
31st – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
– Lunch – Bacon and cheese sandwich, Blueberries and strawberries, biscuit

– Dinner – Chicken Chow mein

You can view Rosalie’s 49th week of life video here.

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