My Birthday Presents

As you may know it was my birthday a few weeks ago. I wrote a blog post about it here.

With birthdays… come presents, yey!

I was so overwhelmed with the wonderful gifts my family bought for me this year. I was truly, truly spoilt.

I love reading and watching these kind of posts so I thought I’d give you a little round up of the amazing presents I received.

; Eeeek! I still can’t quite believe this is in my possession. It is so beautiful, so soft I could snuggle up to it, and the smell! ahhh, divine. It is also really practical. Ok, maybe not the nude colour… but it is very useful and will make transitioning between two bags much easier. I’m making myself use it, because all I really want to do is put it in a glass box and only look at it so that no harm will ever come to it.

; I really needed a new pair of sunglasses and I took the opportunity to get a pair of prescription sunglasses so that I don’t have to wear my contact lenses so much when on holiday. I have been lusting after these frames for a while.

; I was so so pleased to receive this as it means I can wear my favourite necklace again.

; This shirt dress is da bomb! I can’t put in to words my love for it, it’s just so perfect, just the right length, makes you look super skinny. So simple, yet I think it looks really stylish. Love, love, love it!

; Who does not love chocolate? Hotel Chocolat is soooo good. I can’t believe I have never tried it before. I may have single handedly devoured the whole stash of birthday chocolate in a matter of days. This will not be my last taste of hotel chocolate that is for sure!

You can view my birthday present haul video here.

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