Garden Update – August 2015

It’s been all go in the garden this month. Nick and his dad have been working really, really hard and it has been transformed. It’s not quite finished yet but it nearly is and it looks like it will be finished in time for Rosalie’s birthday party.

Between them they have removed all the gravel, rotivated the dirt, laid the slabs for our path, pointed in most of the patio, and barked Rosalie’s play area. All that’s left to do is to fence off the play area, finish off the pointing in, and lay the turf.
Vegetable wise things are still growing…


The tomato plants are looking monstrous and we have lots of green tomatoes. The corguette and squash plants have lots of yellow flowers which is a good sign.
The pepper and chilli plants I grew from seed have not fared so well. They grew a little but then seemed to just stop growing tall and bush outwards. I think maybe it got to hot before they had a chance to grow. June was freezing so they didn’t grow very much then and then the weather got really hot almost overnight. The two pepper plants are bought are doing much better, they have had flowers and are now beginning to fruit. Next year I will buy pepper and chilli plants and not bother to grow them from seed.

My lettuce seedlings failed and so I bought lambs lettuce plants to replace them, this meant they were a little late going in. The lettuces are doing ok but we don’t seem to have eaten as much lettuce as we did last year. Thinking about it it’s probably because salad is not a very baby friendly meal. Also up until recently they were still a little small.

The mongetou plants are coming to the end of their life, They have done really well and kept us is peas all summer. I will definitely be planting these again next year.
The carrots, beetroots and onions look like they are doing well but I havn’t actually pulled any yet.

We have dug up and eaten a few potatoes which tasted good even if they were a little on the small side. I planted earlies as well as normal potatoes but I got in a bit of a muddle and couldn’t remember what I had planted where. I must make a note of it next time!Have you eaten anything from your garden yet?

You can watch August’s garden update video over on my youtube channel here.
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