Rosalie’s 47th and 48th Week of Life & Weaning Diaries

47th Week of Life

On Saturday, Nick, Rosalie and I went to Nanny Tracy’s house for take away.


On Sunday, we had a relaxing day at home. In the evening, Nanny Tracy looked after Rosalie whilst Nick and I went to a family dinner.
On Monday, Grandma came to visit Rosalie and I. We went for a walk in to town and had a lovely lunch out.
On Tuesday morning I went to Aldi to do the weeks food shopping. In the afternoon, I tried to catch up on some blogging whilst Rosalie napped.
On Wednesday My Nan came over with Paula. Nanna took Rosalie for a walk so that I could do some treatments on P before she goes on her summer holidays.
On Thursday, we started to tackle the garden make over. I tried to squeeze in a little more blogging when I could.
On Friday, Rosalie and I went for a dog walk with our friend Rey. We met Gibson the french bull dog puppy. He was absolutely gorgeous but unfortunately Ralph was a bully boy. Poor Gibson was scared! 

48th Week of Life

On Saturday, Nick, Rosalie and I went, along with my mum, Nan and Andy, to watch my brother’s friends play football.
On Sunday, I cleaned the shed in preparation for painting, whilst Rosalie napped in her pushchair.
On Monday, Rosalie and I took Grandma and Nanna to Highclere Castle, also known as Downton Abbey. It was part of Nanna’s 80th Birthday Present.
On Tuesday, Nick and I painted the shed. Poor old Rosalie had another nap in her pushchair much to her annoyance!
On Wednesday, Nick and I did some more work in the garden. Nanny Tracy came over to watch Rosalie for us so we could get on.
On Thursday, Rosalie and I did the food shopping, we spent the afternoon playing and catching up on all the chores I hadn’t done all week as we had been so busy in the garden.
On Friday, I went to visit my friend Carly. We had afternoon Tea and Rosalie had lots of lovely cuddles which she enjoyed.

What Rosalie had to eat over the two weeks:::

11th – Breakfast – Blueberry wheats
     – Lunch – Chicken and bacon Tortellini
     – Dinner – Lasagna, broccoli and sweet potato chips
12th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats, strawberries and banana
     – Lunch – Chicken Tikka Mayo baguette
     – Dinner – Spanish Omelette
13th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
     – Lunch – Jacket potatoe with tuna mayo
     – Dinner – Sausage and kale casserole
14th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
     – Lunch – Jacket potatoe with Tuna Mayo
     – Dinner – Pulled pork, sweet potatoe mash, mongetou
15th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
     – Lunch – Tapas
     – Dinner – Spaghetti Bolognaise
16th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
     – Lunch – Cheese and tomato open sandwich
     – Dinner – Fajitas
17th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
     – Lunch – Scrambled egg on toast
     – Chicken chow mein 

18th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
     – Lunch – Cream Cheese Sandwich, carrot sticks, fruit pouch
     – Dinner – Chicken Wings, sweet potato and salad
19th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
     – Lunch – Roast dinner
     – Dinner – Fruit and biscuits
20th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
     – Lunch – Egg mayo sandwich, scotch egg, quavers
     – Dinner – Sausage and kale casserole
21st – Breakfast – Pate on Toast
     – Lunch – Spanish Omelette
     – Dinner -Garlic and herb chicken thighs, Jacket Potatoe, Salad
22nd – Breakfast – Scrambled egg, Sausage, Black Pudding and Hash brown
     – Lunch – Tuna jacket Potatoe
     – Dinner – Burger in a bun
23rd – Breakfast – Pate on toast
     – Lunch – Chicken mayo baguette, carrot sticks, raspberries
     – Dinner – Beef stir fry
24th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
     – Lunch – Egg mayo sandwich, tomato noughts and crosses, fruit purée, raspberries
     – Dinner – Tomato, Cheese and Spinach omelette
You can view Rosalie’s 47th and 48th Week of life video here.
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