Rosalie’s 41st and 42nd Week of Life

41st Week of Life

On Saturday my mum and I went to look at strollers for Rosalie. It was abit of a disaster really. They didn’t have the one I wanted to try in stock, and none of the others met my extensive criteria.

On Sunday, Rosie and I had a lazy day round the house. I also got to catch up on lots of washing.
On Monday morning Rosalie and I went to her swimming lesson. In the afternoon we went shopping in the city with Grandma.
On Tuesday morning I worked so daddy looked after Rosalie. In the afternoon, Rosalie and I went to see our friends.


On Wednesday morning I worked again so daddy looked after Rosalie once more. In the afternoon I managed to catch up on some blogging whilst Rosalie napped.
On Thursday, Rosalie and I walked into town to pick up a few bits. In the afternoon my cousin came over for a visit and too meet Rosalie for the first time.
On Friday, Rosalie and I went to my friend abi’s house, she made us a lovely lunch and the babies got to play all afternoon. It was a lovely day so we played out in the garden.

42nd Week of Life

On Saturday, Rosalie and I went for lunch at Nanny Pat’s as it was Nanny Pat’s birthday. In the evening Rosalie and I went to Grandma’s house for a sleepover.


On Sunday, Rosalie and I went strawberry picking with out friends. Rosalie ate a huge amount of strawberries, she kept pinching them out of the punnet. She also had her first taste of ice cream.
On Monday, Rosalie and I attended her usual swimming lesson and then mum came over to see us in the afternoon.


On Tuesday, Rosalie spent the owning with Nanny Tracy as I went for a pre holiday pamper!
On Wednesday, Daddy looked after Rosalie so mummy could go an get her nails did.Thursday was spent cleaning the house as my mum was coming to house sit and look after Ralph whilst we were away.

On Friday I packed!


This is what Rosalie had to eat over those two weeks:

30th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
     – Lunch – Pizza
     – Dinner – Roast dinner
31st – Breakfast – Cheese spread on Toast
     – Lunch – Spanish Omelette
     – Dinner – spaghetti carbonara
1st – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
    – Lunch – bolognaise and bread, yogurt
    – Dinner – Roast, stewed fruit
2nd – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
    – Lunch – Sausage sandwich
    – Dinner – Spaghetti Carbonara, Raspberries and Custard
3rd – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
    – Lunch – Bacon and egg sandwich
    – Dinner – Green Thai curry
4th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
    – Lunch – Chicken paste sandwich, Organix cheesey puffs, raspberries and yogurt
    – Dinner – Green Thai Curry, Rhubarb, raspberries and custard.
5th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
    – Lunch – Cream cheese sandwich, Organix Cheese Puffs, Raspberries and yogurt
    – Dinner – Pasta with bolognaise, raspberries
6th – Breakfast – Blueberry wheats with whole milk
    – Lunch – Cheesey bread and Lardy cake
    – Dinner – Sausage pasta
7th – Breakfast – Pate on toast
    – Lunch – Cream cheese sandwich, organix noughts and crosses, strawberries
    – Dinner – Spanish Omelette, strawberries
8th – Breakfast – Blueberry wheats with whole milk
    – Lunch – Spanish Omelette, yogurt
    – Dinner – Sausage and tomato Pasta, strawberries
9th – Breakfast – Muesli with strawberries
    – Lunch – Sardines on toast, strawberries
    – Dinner – Sausage and tomato pasta, strawberries
10th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
     – Lunch – Coronation chicken panini
     – Dinner – slow cooked BBQ beef in a soft roll with coleslaw
11th – Breakfast – Blueberry Wheats
(oops! I didn’t write anymore down for thursday and completely forgot about friday)You can view Rosalie’s 41st and 42nd Week of life video here.

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