Rosalie’s Five Month Update

Rosalie turned 5 months old today. Where is time going? I feel like January has gone passed in a flash!

Weight: Rosalie was last weighed today. She is 21 weeks and 6 days old and she weighed 18lb. I weighed her on our scales at home by first weighing myself and then weighing myself whilst holding Rosalie and calculating the difference so this may not be that accurate!

Daily: We still put Rosalie to bed at around 7pm every night but lately I have found it more difficult to settle her. It seems to take a few attempts before she goes down for the night where as before once she was put down in her crib she wouldn’t wake till morning.
In the morning, she is waking anytime between 5.30am and 7.30am. I feed her and put her back down in her cot in her nursery. She will then go back to sleep for a few more hours depending on the time.
When she wakes we go downstairs and Rosalie plays on her playmat while I make breakfast. At about nine I will feed her again. We then usually play some more and then I’ll feed her again at 11am. I will then try and get her to have a nap. Now Rosalie is moving about more she gets tired and really needs her naps. She fights them though! She will still only sleep for 30 minutes tops.
After her nap I feed Rosalie her first proper meal of the day. I give her 2 tablespoons of Puree at lunchtime. After Rosalie has finished I take her upstairs and give her face a good wash as inevitably there is puree everywhere! I then get Rosalie dressed for the day.
I will normally breast feed her at around 2pm and again at 4pmin the afternoon although this will vary depending on what we are doing. Sometimes she will only have one afternoon feed.
If we are in Rosalie will have some playtime on her mat, in her tigger door bouncer or in her jumperoo while I do some tidying and start to make dinner.
We usually have dinner at around 5/6pm. Rosalie sits in her highchair next to us and has her dinner (another 2 tablespoons of puree) whilst we have ours.
Our after dinner routine has stayed the same. We give Rosalie a bath and then I will feed Rosalie. This can take up to an hour as she is half asleep yet feeding at the same time. She feeds on one side and then I put her in her sleeping bag and feed her on the other side. Rosalie normally falls asleep on me, I then carry her into her nursery and put her down.
Sometimes she will wake and I will have to get her out and rock her to sleep before putting her down again. Other times she’ll go back to sleep with her dummy and Ewan the sheep.
Rosalie's 5 month Update - Take a look at what my baby is doing at 5 months old


Playtime: Rosalie loves to play. She has become much more interested in little toys now as she can pick them up and look at them.
Rosalie still loves her door bouncer it’s quite difficult to get her into when you are on your own so I don’t tend to put her in there in the day but in the evening she loves it. She hasn’t quite got the idea of bouncing yet and just seems to spin around but she quite likes it all the same.
Her Jumperoo is in the kitchen and I plonk her in there at least once a day. She is really starting to bounce in it now. She shimmys herself around and plays with all the toys around the edge.
I still put Rosalie on her play mat every morning. She reaches up and plays with the hanging toys now. She’ll hold on and feel them. As she now rolls over ALOT. She normally ends up on her front and she happily plays with all the flaps and toys on the mat.
Rosalie got a few electronic V tech toys for christmas and she is enjoying pressing the buttons and interacting with them. 

Rosalie's 5 month Update - Take a look at what my baby is doing at 5 months old
Bedtime: Rosalie goes to bed at about 7pm each evening. We have dinner together then Rosalie has a bath. We then have a bit of nudey playtime on the floor while we dry her and put her cream on. I then put her in her sleepsuit and I feed her until she falls off. I still feed her sat on our bed as I find this most comfortable. She normally falls asleep in my arms so I carefully carry her into her nursery and lay her down in her cot.  I then pray I have not disturbed her too much and that she stays asleep. She has started to wake more in the early evening recently. I try and put her dummy back in and turn her sheep back on but lately she still won’t settle and I have had to pick her up and rock her back to sleep.
She used to sleep through but the last few weeks she has woken during the night it’s usually only once at around 1 or 2 am. She’ll only settle if I feed her again. I’m not sure what’s causing it, I thought she might be teething. Last night she didn’t do it so fingers crossed she sleeps through again tonight.
She is still sleeping in a 2.5 tog sleeping bag but I am putting a blanket over her as well.

Rosalie's 5 month Update - Take a look at what my baby is doing at 5 months old


Feeding: I am still breast feeding Rosalie as well as feeding her Purées. I have no plans to stop breast feeding and would like to feed her untill she is at least a year old. We are spoon feeding Rosalie purées. She is now having lunch and dinner with 2 tablespoons of puree at each meal. I tried to up the amount of food I was giving her but I found it caused her to wake in the night so I stopped. As she seems to be waking in the night anyway these days I might try upping her portion size to 4 tablespoons again.
Rosalie still has approximately 5 feeds a day with around 4 hours between each feed but l tend to just feed her when she wants it. If I have tried all other ways to settle her and nothing else works I will feed her.
I feed Rosalie when she first wakes up. She’ll then go back down and I’ll feed her again when she wakes for the second time. The next time I feed her will be around 11am. I will then try and get her to have a nap after that feed. At lunch time I’ll breastfeed her first and then spoon feed her puree. I’ll then feed her once or twice throughout the afternoon, after which I will try and get her to have a little sleep. At dinner time I’ll breast feed her again before feeding her puree. Then bath, another feed, then bed! 

Rosalie's 5 month Update - Take a look at what my baby is doing at 5 months old


Sizes: Rosalie is still wearing her size 3-6 clothes mostly. She was bought lots of 6-9 month clothes for Christmas and she has been wearing some of these already. Although I am going to make a conscious effort this month to put her in all her 3-6 clothes that still fit one last time as I don’t think she’ll be in these for much longer. I’ll then have to do the dreaded size swap. I hate doing it, it makes me so sad to put away clothes she’ll never wear again!
She is still in size 3 nappies in the day but I have bought a pack of size 4 nappies and she wears these at night whilst we use up the last of the size 3 packet. Once this pack is finished she will be in size 4.
Dribbling – Rosalie dribbles ALOT! It’s not really a milestone but it’s the biggest thing we’ve got going on at the moment so i thought it was worth a mention.
Drinking out of her Beaker – Rosalie can now hold her sippy cup and bring it up to her mouth. She needs help to tilt the cup to get water out but she is nearly there. She drinks and swallows the water too.
Holding a spoon – Rosalie can hold the spoon and she tries to bring it to her mouth. She is still very shaky and can’t quite manage to get it in yet and often crys when she can’t do it. If you load the spoon and lightly steer it she will push the spoon to her mouth.
Screaming/Shouting/Squealing – We have a very noisy baba. She will often shout when she wants you or she is bored of whatever she is doing and needs entertaining.
Grabbing and picking up things – She can pick up her toys and plays with them. When she is on her play mat she grabs hold of the hanging toys and really pulls on them. She pulls out her dummy and usually drops it on the floor. She sometimes manages to put her dummy back in again too.
Sitting up – She can sit up on her own for longer now before she loses her balance and flops to the side.
Standing up – Rosalie stands up for what seems like ages now when you hold her. If you hold both her hands she pushes herself up to standing all on her own. It’s amazing!
Rolling – Rosalie rolls from front to back and back to front. When I lay her on her back on her play mat she always rolls to her front and then crys untill I put her back on her back.
Ahhh! 5 months old, I can’t believe she’ll be half a year old in a month!! We have had some wonderful news today that one of my best friends is having a baby. She is due in August. The best month! So the new baby will be a year older than Rosalie. Rosie is looking forward to having a new best friend to play with 🙂
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