Rosalie’s 22nd Week of Life & Weaning Diaries

On Saturday I caught up on some laundry, and washed all the sheets and towels. Rosalie and I then went over to my mums house. We stayed there for the weekend as Daddy was in Manchester competing in The Athlete Games. He did really well and came 27th overall. This was amazing as he was competing against the best crossfitters in Europe. Rosie and I were very proud.

On Sunday, we had lunch at Grandma’s and then came home to wait for Daddy to get back.

On Monday, I worked in the morning so my mum looked after Rosalie. In the afternoon we popped in to town and took Rosalie to the doctors. She has a really bad rash that has now spread all over her body. The doctor said it was Eczema and has prescribed us some Oilatum and Centraben cream. It seems to be working so far.

On Tuesday we went to our usual swimming class and then I had a doctors appointment in the afternoon. On Tuesday evening we went for dinner at Nanny Tracy’s as she hadn’t seen Rosalie all weekend. We had lasagna, My favourite.
On Wednesday, I caught up on all my jobs around the house.
On Thursday morning, I worked and so Nick watched over Rosalie. In the afternoon I started to make Pom Pom decorations for my Nan’s 80th birthday party.
On Friday morning, Nick took Rosalie to her baby signing class whilst I got my hair done in preparation for Nanny’s birthday party. In the afternoon we went over to my mums to help finish off the food and to decorate the hall.
Rosalie's 22nd Week of Life & Weaning Diaries - Take a look at what my baby does and EATS at 22 weeks old


Here’s what Rosalie had to eat this week:
17th Jan – Lunch – Apple – 4 tablespoons

         – Dinner – Apple – 4 tablespoons
18th Jan – Lunch – Farley’s Rusk – 2 rusks
         – Dinner – Kale and sweet potato – 4 tablespoons
19th Jan – Lunch – Banana – 4 tablespoons
         – Dinner – Carrot – 4 tablespoons
20th Jan – Lunch – Sweet Potato and kale – 4 tablespoons
         – Dinner – Pear – 4 tablespoons
21st Jan – Lunch – Apple – 4 tablespoons
         – Dinner – Pear – 4 tablespoons
22nd Jan – Lunch – Sweet Potato – 4 tablespoons
         – Dinner – Banana – 4 tablespoons
23rd Jan – Lunch – Apple – 4 tablespoons
– Dinner – Carrot – 4 tablespoonsYou can view a video of Rosalie’s 22nd Week of Life.

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