Rosalie’s Wardrobe Reorganisation

Rosalie is 3 and a half months old now and is firmly in her 3-6 month sized clothes.

This meant it was time for me to reorganise her wardrobe and move out all the clothes she has now grown out of. I hate doing this. It’s so heartbreaking packing up all her tiny clothes and realising my baby is never going to be that small again.
But needs must. I manned up and sorted through her drawers. Rosalie has more outfits, leggings and tops etc, in size 3-6 months and less vests than she did in 0-3 clothes so I had to completely reorganise her drawer sections. I’m actually really happy with how they are organised now and I think it works better than it did before.
Rosalie’s top two drawers have remained the same. Her chest of drawers also doubles as a changing table so in her top left drawer I keep all her body lotions, changing supplies and her grooming kit. In the right hand drawer I keep all Rosalie’s bibs and hats.
Baby Wardrobe Organisation - Take a look at how I organised Rosalie's 3 - 6 month wardrobe - baby, parenting, home


The first large drawer now has all of Rosalie’s 3-6 month clothes in. I have all her tops and long sleeved vests in the left hand drawer divider. Her short sleeved vests are in the middle section and her sleepsuits are in the box on the far right. I have put all her leggings and tights in the gap along the front of the drawer.
Baby Wardrobe Organisation - Take a look at how I organised Rosalie's 3 - 6 month wardrobe - baby, parenting, home

The 2nd large drawer houses all Rosalie’s cardigans and hand knitted things. I have sorted these in size order with the smallest at the front on the left hand side going up to the largest on the right hand side at the back. I have stored all Rosalie’s hand knitted booties and shoes in the box at the back. The two little draw dividers on the left hand side contain all Rosalie’s socks.

I have put a few size 6-9 month clothes that we have in the bottom drawer but it is mostly empty. I have bought Rosalie quite abit of 6-9 month old clothing for Christmas so in a few weeks I will be filling that drawers with those.


Her actual wardrobe contains all of Rosalie’s dresses and outfits. I have left a few of the 0-3 dresses in there as they still fit Rosalie and can be worn with leggings. Any summer outfits I have put away.
Rosalie’s Wardrobe Reorganisation video can be found here. We are now all sorted for the next 3 months. It’s going so fast, I’ll be doing this again before I know it.
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