Rosalie’s 16th Week of Life

This weekend Nick and I took Rosalie on her first weekend away to london. We went to Winter Wonderland and stayed the night with Auntie Lucy. All went well. Rosalie slept through the night and didn’t wake anyone up! Result.

Rosalie rolled over for the first time on Sunday morning. That evening we popped to Nick’s mum’s to pick up Ralph on the way home. Nanny had been looking after him whilst we were away, we stayed there for a few hours and had dinner.

On Monday, Grandma and Grampa took Rosalie and Ralph for a long walk whilst I drove into town to buy the rest of my christmas presents. I didn’t have a very successful trip. Everything seems to have sold out and so I came home and ordered the rest online. Thankfully, I am now all done.

Rosalie's 16th Week of Life - See what Rosalie got up to in her 16th Week of life.

On Tuesday, Rosalie and I went swimming. Rosalie did her first swim underwater all on her own. Its crazy that she can swim at 3 months old! In the afternoon, Nanny Tracy came over and we went shopping. Rosalie was treated to another little outfit.

On Wednesday, our usual Relax and Stretch class was cancelled so Rosalie and I just stayed in and played. In the afternoon I took Rosie to be weighed. She weighs a healthy 15lb 5 oz.

On Thursday, Rosalie and I had a lazy day in our pyjamas.
On Friday, Rosalie and I went to afternoon tea at a friends house which was lovely.You can view the video of Rosalie’s 16th Week of Life¬†and our first trip away.


Rosalie's 16th Week of Life - See what Rosalie got up to in her 16th Week of life.


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