Rosalie’s Three month Update

Rosalie turned 3 months old on 22nd November 2014. I’m getting into the swing of things and am much more organised these days.


Weight: Rosalie was last weighed on 19th November 2014, she was 12 weeks and 5 days old and she weighed 14lb 13oz.  She is well and truly in the 91st percentile on her growth chart. The 50th percentile is average so Rosalie is two above that.

Daily: Rosalie has definitely settled into the routine I wrote about on her two month update. It’s pretty much the same every day. She still sleeps through the night and i hope (touchwood) she continues to do so!
She wakes at around 6.30am although the last two mornings it has been 7.30am. I feed her and put her back down, she then sleeps till about 10.30/11am when I leave her to wake up on her own, if we have nothing to get up for. If we have somewhere to be I get up before her around 8.30am/9am. I try to get ready whilst Rosalie sleeps. Once done I get Rosalie up, dressed and ready for the day. I eat breakfast while Rosalie plays on her play mat and then we have cuddles on the sofa whilst I feed her.
If we are travelling somewhere she will normally nap in the car after her feed. If we are shopping she sleeps in the car seat. If we are doing an activity she will stay awake for that and then usually fall asleep after. After her second feed she always does a big poo so I always try and change her soon after, at a convenient opportunity, to avoid any leakages!
By 2pm if we are at home she is ready for another feed. If we are out she sometimes sleeps more and won’t want feeding until about 3/4pm. If we are out for the day we usually stop for lunch and I will usually feed her then. If we are at home we have some playtime after her feed and then I try and settle Rosalie in her bouncy chair so I can I do some chores and start making dinner. There are days when she won’t settle and so if that happens I put her in her carrier and do my bits around the house with her strapped to me.
We usually have dinner around 6/7pm. Rosalie sits in her bouncy chair on the island while I make dinner. Sometimes Rosie will want feeding before dinner other days she will wait abit longer till we have eaten, it all depends on the time of her feed earlier in the day. In the evenings we tend to all have cuddles on the sofa, or Rosalie will have some play time with daddy, or we give her a bath.
At around 9.30pm I start to get ready for bed whilst daddy occupies her. I then give Rosalie her last feed of the day in bed. Once she is finished, I wind her, put her in her sleeping bag and lay her in her crib. Sometimes she will go to sleep on her own. Other times I give her a dummy and other times I will just play her Ewan the sheep. It’s not normally long until we start to hear her snoring away. 

Rosalie's Three month Update - parenting, baby
Rosalie at 11 weeks old
Playtime: Rosalie has perfected smiling. This last week she has really started to giggle and laugh, so cute! Her play gym has definitely been her favourite toy this month. She plays on it every morning whilst I eat my cereal.
This week we have been able to put Rosalie in her Jumperoo as she can now hold herself up without falling to the side. She can’t touch the floor yet but she does weight bear on her legs and so if we put cushions on the floor she will bounce herself up and down. She is really enjoying the jumperoo and smiles and laughs when she is in there. She is also starting to play with the toys around the edge.
Rosalie's Three month Update - parenting, baby
Bedtime: Rosalie still goes to bed at the same time we do. we did try putting her down earlier but she kept waking up and would cry when she realised we weren’t in the room with her. It was such a hassle having to go and settle her each time that we gave up, She goes to sleep so easily when we put her to bed at around 10pm so we don’t think she is quite ready.

Feeding: I am still breast feeding Rosalie and it is going really well. Her feeds are a lot shorter now. I’m not timing them but I would say she feeds for about 20 mins each time during the day. In the evening as she gets more tired and so they get longer. Her bed time feed can last for ages!

Rosalie still has 5 feeds a day with around 4 hours between each feed but l tend to just feed her when she wants it. By that I mean if I have tried all other ways to settle her and nothing else works I presume she is hungry so I will feed her.Finally my boobs have sorted themselves out, Hallelujah!! I have a lot of milk and small boobs which made it difficult for Rosie to latch on. This meant my nipples would get sore. I would also wake up in the middle of the night in pain and unable to sleep because they were so sore and full. The HV advised that I express, which I duly did, but I felt like it was just making the situation worse. In the end I stopped expressing in the middle of the night and only hand expressed before the morning feed. I then stopped that. Eventually my milk supply caught on and sorted itself out. I now can sleep through the night nearly as well as rosalie! I sometimes still wake around 3am but I can normally get back to sleep.

Rosalie's Three month Update - parenting, baby
Rosalie at 12 weeks old


Sizes: I have just started putting Rosalie in 3-6 month clothes. Some sleep suits fit but others are still too big. I have put her in some size 3 – 6 dresses and they have been ok, just a little long in the sleeves. Her tops and leggings in size 3 – 6 months fit her well.She is still in size 3 nappies.


  • Smiling – Rosalie smiles all the time now.
  • Supporting her head – Rosalie can now support her head which means she can sit in her bumbo and jumperoo without falling to the side.
  • Making sounds – She is a little chatterbox and always talks away to herself. She has started to giggle and laugh now.
  • Recognising her name – I’m not sure if this is a coincidence but she seems to look at you when you say her name.
  • Grabbing – She is getting really good at grabbing hold of things, she likes to grab hold of her muslin or comforter as they are light and pull them over her.
  • Sitting up – She does little sit ups when laying on her back. She can’t yet but she is trying really hard to sit herself up. Its very cute!
  • Standing up – She is standing up (when you hold her) more and more. She likes to be held so she can bounce up and down on her legs. This is her favourite thing to do in the evening.
Rosalie's Three month Update - parenting, baby

Rosalie changes from week to week but I have definitely noticed the most changes in this last week when she has hit the 3 month mark. Rosalie is developing such a personality now. She has started to squeal in protest if you do something she is not happy with! 

She is not a newborn anymore. I can’t believe my baba is 3 months old!!

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