Garden update – July 2014


Welcome to this months Garden Update. Below are my cherry tomato plants all grown from seed, check
me! I have four cherry tomatoes plants all in hanging baskets.
Cherry tomato plants
Tomatos and peppers
This is another cherry tomato giant, but these ones are
orange. This pot was planted by my mum’s partner for me. There are three plants
in here. They are lots of green tomatoes on the plants already. The two smaller
pots either side have chilli pepper plants in. No sign of any flowers yet!


Salad bed

The salad bed is growing well. There is sweetcorn growing in
the top left square, it is now nearly tall enough to grow up my supports now.
The middle square has lettuce’s in. One is nearly ready to be dug up but I am
trying to leave it until our kitchen is finished so I can actually use it! The
top right square has Chinese stir fry leaves in. These are growing well. I have
to keep cutting them back. The square below also has Chinese stir fry leaves in
as well. The middle square has more iceberg lettuce in. The left middle square
has carrots in. I think these are ready to be pulled too but trying to keep
them going until are kitchen is finished. Below the carrots in the bottom left
hand square is a yellow pepper plant. There was one baby pepper growing on this
plant and then it fell off. I hope that’s not the only one! The square next to
the peppers has two mini red pepper plants in. One of these has been eaten by
slugs and is not looking so good. The last square which looks quite empty has
spring onions in for some reason these haven’t grown very well at all this year.
I’ll keep watering and see what happens…

Vegetable bed

In my veg bed, the monster in the bottom left hand corner is
my courgette plant. There is already one courgette on it that is about 10 cm
long. I’m not sure whether to pick it yet but again waiting until the kitchen
is all done first so we can actually use it.
The bottom right hand square has red onions in. I could probably start
pulling some of these too but trying to leave them in there for now. Behind the
red onions is a cauliflower plant and next to that is a broccoli plant. Fingers
crossed they don’t suffer the same fate as the broccoli plants last year. In
the top row there is a marrow plant that is not growing very well for some
reason. I had lots of ants in this square so I put  borax down in this square to get rid of them.
It didn’t really work and I think that is why the marrow plant is not very
happy. It looked better before I planted it out! In the top right square are my
mongetou plants. These seem to be very slow this year. I had one lot that were
growing but I had to replant as they all dried up when I neglected them whilst
on holiday. I am hoping they will catch up and sort themselves out.

Potato plants

The potatoes plants have not done very well at all. They
suffered the same fate as the mongetou and I came home from holiday to very
crispy potato plants I pulled out most of the dead and have carried on watering
but they don’t look very good. I’m not too worried as Andy’s potato plants have
done the same. I think it is just the abnormally hot weather we are having. He
says that he thinks the tubers underneath will still be growing and that is
just the plants on top that aren’t as all the goodness is going to the
potatoes. We will see.

Garlic, beetroot and leek

In my three pots I have garlic, beetroot and leeks (from
left to right) These are all growing well in pots. Yey!

Tomato plants


And finally I have my tomatoes in the grow bag. These do not
seem to have grown as well as last year. I am now feeding them with tomato feed
so hopefully they will start growing a bit more. I have one baby tomato on one of
the plants already but not many flowers. I accidently bought beef tomato plants
so that little tomato should grow huge!
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