Vegetable Garden Update – May 2014


Welcome back to my vegetable garden. Nearly all seeds have been planted out now. I am just
waiting to plant my sweetcorn seeds out in the bed above this weekend.


The mixed salad leaves are coming along nicely and my
lettuces are starting to grow as are my spring onions and carrots.


Salad bed

I can’t remember If I planted my pepper and chilli seeds out
:-s I didn’t think I had but there is
something growing in those squares! I am just going to have to wait and see
what happens there. The weird thing is I should have only planted out one
pepper and chilli plant each and I have lots of little seedlings coming
through. Not sure what happened there. Ooops!

Salad plan


Strawberry planter
My Strawberry planter is on its third year running now and
is still doing a sterling job. The plants all have flowers on so hopefully that
will mean lots of strawbs.


I have parted garlic out in this pot and this looks like it
is growing well.


The asparagus plant has finally sprang to life after 3 years
of watering. Yey! Its very spindly though. I’m not sure if its meant to be like
that or not.


My potatoes are flourishing. I have 3 potato bags in total
and they are all as bushy as this one.
Pot Plan

I have also planted out some beets in pots that are just sprouting and some leeks but no signs of any leek sprouts yet.

Vegetable bed
Peas, spinach and onions
Vegetable plan


In this bed I am just waiting to plant out my squash but it
hasn’t sprouted in its pot yet. I had a bit of a disaster with the broccoli
that was growing nicely in the middle square. It’s been so windy lately that
the canopy blow off and the rods fell in and squashed my poor little broccoli
plant. It died. So I had to start again and plant some new seeds. I was most
annoyed because it was about the same size as the cauliflower plant next to it.
I did this directly into the bed this time. I also planted some more spinach
and peas as not all of the seeds had sprouted so I just filled in the gaps.
Fingers crossed they grow this time.
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