House Renovation – Bedroom Ensuite – The Reveal!

So here it is the reveal of my Bedroom Ensuite Bathroom. Our first
finished room inside the house. I love it so much.
Towel Rail and Bath


I can’t remember where we bought the shower, sink, and bath from. They were all bought online and we didn’t pay THAT much for any of it. Except the sink, but we had a bit of a trauma there! We needed a sink with storage. I am so glad we got this sink in the end as it means we can hide all our toiletries away. No one wants to see a beard trimmer! All taps were from Victoria Plumb online.

The towels were purchased from sleep and soak. They really are lovely. This is the first time I have ever bought half decent towels (with a thread count!) You might think this is silly as they are white and wont last but we shall see. It is so lovely having nice thick towels. I feel like I am in a hotel! The white bundle was on offer at £12.50 for two bath towels and a hand towel. This is amazing for the quality of the towels. The two larger grey bath sheets were £14.00 each but these were luxury Egyptian cotton.

The little basket that houses our toilet rolls was from Store 21. It was £3.99  We decided not to fit a toilet roll holder because I didn’t want to drill holes in my lovely new tiles. The glass our tooth brushes are stored in was from the 99p shop. I think it was 99p for 3. The stainless steel basket in the shower and the hook for the towels are both stick on so they don’t damage the tiles. These are great as they have little covers that hide the suction pads so they still look nice. These were both from Dunelm Mill. The shower basket was £5.99 and the hook was £3.99.

The rest of the house is such a state I might just camp out in here.
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