Scan: 21 weeks

I delayed posting this as I didn’t know whether to tell you
all or not, It’s not exactly good news. I also didn’t want to worry my friends.
My friends are great worriers! I haven’t even told them all mainly because it’s
a bit of a weird thing to just phone up and say and hopefully by the end of
today we will know more anyway.
In the end I decided to write about it as I want this to be
an honest diary of my pregnancy and if I missed out a section it wouldn’t be truthful
or complete. So good or bad we will see.
We went to the extra scan last Thursday so they could take a
look at her heart. The little princess was in a perfect position. Check out the
pic above. Isn’t she cute!? It looks a little strange because I’d already cut
out and framed the pic of my little looker. She now sits proudly on my dressing
Anyway…. I digress. The heart was fine but the sonographer
noticed a problem with the bowel. Nick always says I don’t explain this very
well but this is how I understood it.  A
scan picture is in black and white. Bones show up on the scan as a bright, white
colour. The sonographer said that if the bowel was showing as the same
brightness as the bones there could be a problem. It is very subjective. The
sonographer said 90% of the time it is absolutely fine. 10% of the time the
baby could have a bowel infection and there is a small percentage that the
bright bowel could mean that the baby has cystic fibrosis.
We have been referred to the fetal screening unit and we
have an appointment later today. Cystic fibrosis is a genetic condition. Both
Nick and I will have a blood test to see if we are carriers of the gene. We
will also have another scan carried out by a doctor. I’m not sure if we will
get the results today or not. We shall see.
I am quite calm about all of this. My mum said she was surprised
I wasn’t clawing at the walls. I don’t know. It is so beyond my control, there
is absolutely nothing I can do to change the outcome of this. What will be will
be. I hope our baby is healthy I really do.
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