Pregnancy Update: 20 weeks


Bump at 20 weeks
I have decided to do weekly updates of my pregnancy from now
on. Nothing much has really changed up till now anyway so it’s not been very
interesting! I’m sure you wouldn’t have wanted to hear about me feeling tired
and sick… A-gain!


There are going to be lots of big changes in the Cantwell
household in the next few months. As well as lots of big changes in this body
of mine. I wanted to document these, mainly so I can remember every single
thing of this precious time which is going oh so quickly. I am going to use the
same set of questions each week so I can compare.
How far along? 20 weeks and 2 days!
Its going so quickly.


Maternity clothes: None! (Except my
bras) I am not showing much so I am still managing to wear my normal clothes.
I’m just having to be a little more selective about what I wear each morning.
Mainly leggings and shirts, but this is what I wore before becoming pregnant so
no change there!


Stretch marks: None yet! Fingers
crossed I won’t get any. I am buttering up every night before bed.


Sleep: Not too bad. I didn’t wake up
at all last night although I normally wake up once during the night to have a
wee. Usually about 4 am but I usually fall back to sleep pretty easily.


Best moment this week: We have our
20 week scan booked in for later today. I can’t wait to see my baby again!


Miss anything? Pate. I used to love
pate on toast for breakfast and now I can’t have it. It’s very sad.


Movement: I have felt a few
flutters. I have had one ‘kick’. Well I think it was a kick. It felt like what
I imagine a kick would feel like but having not experienced anything like this
before it’s hard to tell. I have had a few cramps and pains this week. I think
baby is having a growth spurt. It feels like everything is stretching. I’m
guessing this is normal and only going to get worse!


Anything making you queasy or sick?
A hungover husband at the weekend. Alcohol fumes are not nice when pregnant!


Gender:  We have an idea from our last scan, hopefully
to be confirmed later today….


Labour signs: I should hope not! No,


Symptoms: I have started to have a
sore lower back this week. Although I was doing some gardening so I was bent
over my raised beds which is probably why and not advisable during pregnancy.


Belly button in or out? In


Wedding rings on or off? On. I hope
to keep them on all the way through. Mainly because I can’t take them off so
they would have to cut them off and this would make me cry.


Happy or moody most of the time:
Happy, although my husband may disagree! I had a few tears on Sunday night.


Looking forward to: The scan TODAY!
I feel like it is the next mile stone completed. Half Way there!


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