Garden Update


My Garden has been growing, allbeit slowly! So I thought I’d share some photos with you of how it is coming along.

My vegetable bed is now complete. Everything is in. From Left to right I have; Spinach, Leeks, Broccoli (2 rows), French Beans and Mangetou. I planted some more mangetou seeds directly into the ground and they are coming through now, yey! The Potatoes are at the back in a potato grow bag and have grown like crazy!

I have three tomatoes plants in a grow bag next to my veggie bed and my strawberry planter is next to that. The strawberry plants have lots of flowers on them so fingers crossed this means lots of strawbs for summer!

There are shallots and leeks in the pots. The shallot shoots are coming through nicely. In the big pot is an asparagus plant but I’ve been told it takes like 3 years until you get a harvest so I think that will look bare for a while.

I have a Salad bed which has only lettuces and spring onions in right now. I am waiting to plant out my chilli and pepper plants but I have to wait until they are 15cm tall before I can do that, they are only about 5 cm at the moment so they have a way to go. In the meantime, my chilli and pepper plants are still in my mini greenhouse along with my tumbling tomato plants and some fox gloves. The tumbling tomato plants will go in to my hanging baskets when they are strong enough. I have 5 baskets in total. I am not entirely sure where I’ll put the fox gloves, but that’s half the fun!

My Gladioli bulbs are shooting. I was worried about those as I didn’t think I had dug them in deep enough but they have sprouted and so I am happy.

Last week I planted some sweet peas. They are so pretty, they will grow to the top of the canes and provide me with lots of cut flowers to decorate my house with. I think they grow back 5 or 6 times when you cut them off! (I may have just made that up, they grow back a few times anyway I’m sure of it!)

I planted a blackcurrant bush last year and this year it has little green blackcurrants on! Wooo!

This year under the Cherry Tree I planted a rhubarb plant that I made my step dad dig up out of his garden. I replanted it as soon as he gave it to me and watered it lots but it still looks a bit sorry for itself. It’s gone all limp! I think it was out of the ground too long.

Last year I planted some more strawberry plants. I cut the runners off my strawberry planter and replanted them in a bed under the tree. They have grown and look quite healthy but they have no flowers on, so no strawberries L I think it’s too shady under the tree for them. If we ever get the tree trimmed (hopefully next year) this might make a difference. This year I planted some gooseberry and blackberry canes but they just look like sticks in the ground at the moment so nothing to show you there.

I wasn’t going to include any pics of all that because to be honest it looks a bit rubbish under there. All you can really see is my limpy rhubarb. I reconsidered as I thought I shouldn’t just show you the good bits. (You can also see untidy trellis stuff that the previous owners put up that is now falling down in the background. We really do need to sort that out.)

All in all the garden is looking good. Everything is growing. I only wish it would grow a bit quicker. Patience is not a virtue I possess. I think it’s the cold weather slowing everything down. Hopefully if we do ever get any sun it will spur my plants on. I really hope we get at least a few things we can actually eat!


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