Puppy Party

So last weekend it was my gorgeous boys 2nd birthday and so we had a party for him and all his doggy friends.

We planned to have a barbeque and right up until the last minute we were praying that the rain would stay away. We had a little bit of rain, which meant poor Nick was barbequing the last bits of food in the drizzle whilst everyone else sat inside, but considering the appalling weather we have had recently we can’t complain too much.

I made some puppy party bunting to decorate the dining room and each doggy guest left with a puppy party bag. This included a toy, a bone, a bag of treats and a ball. All matching the theme colour I might add!

Ralph was thoroughly spoilt and received lots of birthday presents, which he eagerly unwrapped. He has a mountain of toys to play with now and each evening I come home to them scattered around the living room floor so he is enjoying every one!

It was great to catch up with all our friends and for the doggies to have a tear up around the garden. Roll on summer where hopefully barbeques can be a regular thing!

(the picture of me and my tasty looking spread was taken by my friend carly and shamefully stolen from her instagram)

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