Style – Peach paisley print

I wore this outfit to a family meal last night, I wore my leather jacket with it too as it was pouring with rain.

This is the first time I’ve worn this. I considered sending it back at first. I bought it as a dress for my holiday initially but really it is too short for that, you may just get away with it on the beach with flats and big pants!!

I love LOVE with all my heart but my one bug bear is the sizing. They have 2 sizes, S/M to fit 8/10 and M/L to 10/12. I am 10/12 but I have bought a M/L in the past and it was way to big and I had to exchange it for a S/M. So I opted for a S/M this time but i really should have bought the M/L I think so it would be a bit longer and I could wear it with bare legs.

If your buying from love it really is impossible to say what size to get. Especially if you wear 10s and 12s like I do. I bought a top and a playsuit from LOVE for my boyf’s sister as a birthday present. I bought S/M in both as she is a similar size to me but abit shorter. The top fitted perfectly but the playsuit was too small??!! As a rough guide i would say if it’s fitted, body con or quite short go for a M/L but if it’s loose and flowy go for the S/M. I’m going to try and follow this rule when ordering from LOVE in the future.

Being so free at the front this dress gave me lots of room for the all you can eat Chinese buffet I consumed! Win win!! 🙂

Dress – LOVE (in love with fashion) Leggings – H and M, Watch – Michael Kors, Necklace – EBay, Shoes – H and M

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