Speedy Ballerina Bun

The Ballerina Bun craze passed me by for a long time. I didn’t think my grown out bob would be long enough for it and so I would spend my days enviously ogling other peoples.

Then one day I took the plunge and picked up a hair doughnut by the checkouts in Primark. It was only a pound, if it didn’t work it didn’t matter. But it did work and this is how I did it.
1.First of all I put my hair into a high pineapple on top of my head.
2. Next I pulled my ponytail through the whole in the middle of the doughnut so it sat on my head like a scrunchie (with my hair coming through the middle)
3. I then leant forward so my hair fell back against the doughnut all the way round. I then felt the doughnut to make sure that the entire doughnut was covered by my hair (we don’t want to see any sneaky peeks of doughnut).  As my hair is shorter I then but a smaller hair tie around the doughnut and my hair to keep my hair in place and the doughnut covered. This can be a bit of a job to get over the doughnut and hair, but it needs to be a tighter hair tie so that it shrinks underneath the doughnut and you can’t see it.
4. You then have a fringe of hair all the way around the doughnut. Just section of the pieces of hair, wind them round the doughnut and Kirby grip them in place. Do this with all the hair until your ballerina bun is complete! Hairspray the hell out of it and you’re done. Easy peasy! I can even do this in 5 mins before work….
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