House Renovation – Kitchen/Diner – Part 5

The kitchen was delivered last tuesday. Wooo!

Nick has been working flat out since then building all the kitchen units and his dad.

Units in position

Jamie came round on Tuesday to wire in the ovens and fridge freezer this meant we could free up some space in the utility room where they were being stored. Hopefully we can try and paint the utility room tomorrow.

Beautiful ovens

Nick has already started to fit some of the drawers and cupboard doors and will be doing more of the same this evening. He has put the kitchen together so well! I’m rather proud. Who knew I’d married a kitchen fitter?! 🙂

Kitchen drawers and dishwasher


We arent able to fit the island yet as there are too many boxes in the way. Hopefully as more drawers and doors get fitted the pile will go down.

Our Oak worktop will be delivered on Saturday. Once that arrives we will be able to ask our friend Simon the carpenter to come and help us fit it.

Kitchen cupboard doors

It’s really hard at the moment as we are relying on the skills and kindness of friends to help us. We want to give them as much notice as possible as to when we need them but as we have not built a kitchen before we have no idea how long it will all take to come together. There is also the added pressure of the baby shower deadline of 2nd August looming over us :-s

Here’s to hoping they can fit us in!

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