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Lip Duo

I’m a BIG fan of the your lips but better look. I have the perfect lipstick shade that I wore on my wedding day. Ever since then I have been looking for the perfect lip pencil to go with it and I think I’ve found it. This max factor colour elixir lip liner in pink princess is the bomb. I love the fact that the pencil is plastic and not wood. It’s really easy to use – I’m not the…

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  • Make Up Collection & Storage

    My Make up storage has been in desperate need of a tidy for a few weeks now. Last week my mum took Rosalie for a walk so I had a few hours…

  • 10 Minute Mummy Make Up

    Some mornings I don’t wear any make up. For someone that previously would not leave the house without a full face of make up EVERYDAY, this is a big thing. Most…