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January 2018

Winter Style

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  It’s the start of a brand new year but I have really struggled to get into the swing of things. Most days I just want to stay in my pyjamas. Unfortunately, I have to do the school run every day so that isn’t really an option. I still found myself reaching for leggings and a jumper every day. As let’s be honest it’s basically the next best thing to pyjamas! I definitely felt like I was stuck in a…

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  • how to find the perfect winter coat - roseyhome - fashion, style, coats, winter coats, fashion

    How to find the perfect winter coat

        For what seems like the longest time I have been searching for the perfect winter coat. There are many things to consider when searching for ‘the one.’ Weighing up…

  • How to save money on your energy - roseyhome - energy, money saving, bills, household bills,

    How to save money on your energy

      It’s January and after all the excess of Christmas I am looking for ways I can tighten our belts this coming year. This week is Big Energy Saving Week so with…

  • My Sisters in January 2018 - Roseyhome - siblings project, photography project, photography, sisters, girls,

    My Sisters in January 2018

      My Sisters in January 2018 This month I feel like their sisterly bond has blossomed. Maeve has finally reached an age where they can play together. Rosalie spend pretty much…

  • Maeve's 7 month Baby update - Roseyhome -baby update, postpartum update, baby, 7 month update, seven month update

    Maeve’s 7 month baby update

        Maeve turned 7 months old on the 8th of December 2017.   WEIGHT I FINALLY had Maeve weighed this month and she weighs a very healthy 20lbs 5oz. That…