Maeve’s 6 month baby update

Maeve's 6 month Baby update - Roseyhome -baby update, postpartum update, baby, 6 month update, six month update



Maeve turned 6 months old on the 8th of November 2017.



I still haven’t had Maeve weighed. With Maeve suffering from Chicken Pox she was contagious a few weeks of this month and when she wasn’t she was still spotty and all itchy so I didn’t want to undress her unnecessarily.



Our daily routine. Well, we don’t seem to have one! Maeve has had Chicken Pox. It has. basically blown any routine we had right out of the window. My main priority has been getting Maeve well again. It is so heart breaking to see your baby covered in blisters and sores.

I have been feeding Maeve whenever she wants and I havn’t even thought about when I last fed or if she really needs it. One night we both stayed up all night feeding as the only way Maeve would sleep was if she fell asleep on the boob. Even then it was for only 20 minutes at a time. Maeve has never been like that before, not even as a newborn.

We have still been taking Rosalie to Preschool everyday so we have to be out of the house by 8.45am. We still get up at 7am but our morning routine has changed, this month we have the added pressure of trying to fit Maeve’s breakfast in. At the moment we are doing something different everyday as we haven’t found something that works well. Really I think I just need to get up earlier but I can’t face it at the moment as we seem to be up all night.

My alarm goes off at 7am. Sometimes I have been up since the early hours with Maeve, other mornings i’ll have managed to get her back off to sleep for abit. Regardless I get up at 7am. I usually get myself ready first. Rosalie will come in to our bedroom sometime between 6am and 7am, She watches the ipad in bed next to Maeve until it’s time to get her dressed. Once she is ready. I change Maeve’s bum and we go downstairs. I keep Maeve in her pyjama’s whilst she has her breakfast so if it gets messy it doesn’t matter.

Once Maeve has had breakfast I take her back upstairs to get her changed into that day’s outfit before we do the preschool run.

Maeve usually naps twice a day. I usually try and get her to sleep whilst Rosalie is at preschool as I know she won’t be disturbed then. She naps again later on the afternoon but this is all dependant on how noisy Rosalie is.

I aim to feed Maeve 3 meals a day. Sometimes I don’t feed manage to feed her lunch if we run out of time or it isn’t convenient.

We have dinner at around 5pm every night and we all sit at the dining room table together. After Dinner I take Maeve upstairs to give her a bath and feed her. I have started to put her down in cot in her own room at 7pm, she stays there until I dreamfeed her at 10pm.


Maeve's 6 month Baby update - Roseyhome -baby update, postpartum update, baby, 6 month update, six month update



Maeve has really started to love the jumperoo. She has definitely got the hang of it now and bounces up and down. She does get bored after 15 minutes or so. I think I need to get Maeve’s walker back out.

I also need to organise the toys and bring some more baby toys downstairs for her to play with.


Maeve's 6 month Baby update - Roseyhome -baby update, postpartum update, baby, 6 month update, six month update




Maeve goes to bed at around 7pm. After she has had her dinner I take Maeve upstairs and give her a good clean in the bath. We are now weaning Maeve so she gets very messy. I am still bathing Maeve in her shnuggle tub but I really do need to stop as she has outgrown it really. After I have dried Maeve , I dress her into her sleepsuit and put her in a sleeping bag. I no longer swaddle Maeve as she was getting too big for it and could wriggle herself out.

I then feed Maeve sat on our bed, she usually falls asleep whilst feeding. I then put her to bed in her cotbed in the nursery. I have noticed that since we have stopped swaddling Maeve she is more unsettled and wakes herself up more.  At around 10pm I will dreamfeed Maeve. Afterwards I bring Maeve into our bedroom to sleep. She is still sleeping in the next to me crib beside our bed as she usually wakes in the early morning and so I find it easier to resettle her if she is next to us.


Maeve's 6 month Baby update - Roseyhome -baby update, postpartum update, baby, 6 month update, six month update


Now Maeve has turned 6 months old we are going full steam ahead with weaning. We have been weaning Maeve on Purees for a few weeks now but now she has turned 6 months old.

She now has Porridge for breakfast,  4 tablespoons of puree at lunch and 4 table spoons of puree at dinner. Soon I am going to start feeding her picky bits that she can pick up and feed to herself.

I still breast feed Maeve as well and she has roughly 5 feeds a day. These are around 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 7pm. I am still demand feeding so if she cant be settled by anything else I will feed her.

I feed on both sides on each feed. I have stopped writing down what boob I feed on each time and I can usually work out which side I have fed on first, last by the size of them.

I have had a couple of days away from Maeve last week and it really messed with my supply although I tried to express whilst I was away from her.

I am still managing to express a little each day. I use a Hakkaa pump during the first feed of the day, It collects milk from whichever breast I am not feeding on first. I usually collect between 1 or 2 oz. I put this in the fridge and continue to add to it each day until I have 5 oz. I then put this in the freezer.


Maeve's 6 month Baby update - Roseyhome -baby update, postpartum update, baby, 6 month update, six month update



I am now dressing Maeve in 6-9 months clothing. I have been dressing Maeve in certain 6-9 month pieces for a few weeks but I am going to start using the full wardobe tomorrow.

Maeve is in size 4 nappies.


Maeve's 6 month Baby update - Roseyhome -baby update, postpartum update, baby, 6 month update, six month update



Dribbling – Maeve is dribbling lots. A bib is a regular feature around here.

Drinking out of her beaker – Maeve can drink really nicely out of her sippy cup.

Holding a spoon – Maeve can hold a spoon and spoon food into her mouth

Blowing Raspberries – All the time! She has also learnt that if she does it with a mouth full of calpol it sprays all over mummy’s face.

Rolling – Maeve has rolled over a handful of times. I don’t leave her on her mat very often. She is a very shouty baby and just shouts the whole time if I put her down. She is very loud.
Supporting her head – Maeve can hold her head up for long periods.

Sitting up –  Maeve can sit up if she is supported by her highchair but not on her own yet.
Making sounds – I should say making noise. Maeve is so noisy. She basically just shouts all day if she isn’t being held. I’m hoping that this is just a phase. I think she is doing it out of frustration as she can’t move anywhere yet. I’m hoping when she is more mobile she’ll shout less.
Grabbing and picking up things – Maeve plays with toys. She’ll grab her hanging toys and pick up toys to play with.


6 Months old. I can’t believe she is 6 months old. I feel really emotional about it all and I am trying to savour every moment as I think this little Mouse will be our last baby. She’s such a little character and always beams back at you when you smile at her. She loves Rosalie and is always laughing at her. Especially when she does funny dances.


Maeve's 6 month Baby update - Roseyhome -baby update, postpartum update, baby, 6 month update, six month update




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