How to create a stylish but practical home

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When decorating your home, We all have the same problem: how do you make the less stylish parts of your home look good? We all have problem areas in our house when it comes to interior design, whether that be the messy airing cupboard, radiators that stick out like a sore thumb, or a cluttered shelf. In our house it is the toy storage area!

Luckily, there are many ways to add a bit of style to these areas. With a bit of creative thinking, the occasional DIY touch, and smart shopping, you’ll get the look you’re aiming for.


Utility or laundry room makeover

The utility room can be a lifesaver in terms of storage space. But after a while, and lots of your stuff, it can easily become a dumping ground. With a few fixes, you can make the space look stylish whilst also being functional.

Add white shelving for a fresh look and take advantage of the vertical space by fitting them high on the walls. If the space is often used as a boot room, make sure to add plenty hooks and shelving compartments for coats and shoes.

Keep the shelving open and use baskets, jars, and other creative storage containers. You can label these to your liking, adding that extra bit of personal touch! Set up designated woven or cloth baskets to separate your laundry to make the whole process much easier too.


Designer radiators

One common issue when decorating your living space is that sometimes your radiators just don’t match the look you’re going for. Fortunately, there are now radiator models that keep design in mind!

With designer radiators, there are so many styles, finishes, and colours to choose from. You will be sure to find the perfect radiator to match your interior design. Choose based on your style—white adds freshness and the illusion of space, black is a classy addition, while red can bring some energy to the room.

While there are plenty of designer radiators that have a contemporary feel, with their smooth finishes and straight design, you can also opt for a more classic look. These older models add a bit of retro feel and character to your home.


Designer towel rails

Your radiators aren’t the only things that can benefit from some style. Your towel rails can also be designer too! Just like radiators, you can choose the finish and colour, although the most common choice is for stainless steel.

With designer towel rails, you can complement the rest of your bathroom. Black or silver gives a clean look to the space, although you can choose a gold or copper finish to make more of a feature.

Having designer towel rails in your bathroom is perfect for additional storage space for your dry towels, all while maintaining style.



Since shelves will border your rooms, they play an important role in the design of the space. But when they get too full with your stuff, they can actually detract from the look of the room. The key here is keep everything neat and tidy—a difficult task I know!—but if it’s too cluttered, your interior design plans won’t work how you want them too.

Don’t be afraid to show everything! That means using open storage instead of shelving with covers or cupboards. Shelves are perfect for showing off the things that inspire you—let your personality shine here. But try to keep it to a reasonable amount and always think of function. If there are some things you want to hide away, buy some boxes or baskets.

Open storage, especially floating shelves, are also a great way to give the sense of space to any room. Alternatively, you can take the industrial route by using a wheeled trolley or metal wire shelf for additional storage space. Try combining wood and metal together for a more interesting take on shelving.

The key here is to store a reasonable amount of items so as not to clutter your shelves too much.


Smart thermostat

One practical aspect of your home that is often overlooked when thinking about interior design is the thermostat. It might seem like a small thing to worry about but for the perfectionist, it can be a real eyesore.

You can create your own cover or hang plenty of pictures and prints on the wall to draw the eye away from the thermostat. Also, you can install a smart thermostat since these have a clean design that matches a modern home.

Not only will these thermostats help you keep your heating bills down and your central heating in the best shape, they won’t clash with the look of your room. Maintain that perfect balance of style and practicality in your home seamlessly.

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