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July 2017

Me and Mine – July 2017

Me and Mine - July 2017 - Roseyhome - Me and mine, photography, photography project, family

  Some days you’ve got to stay in bed ALL day and eat pizza. Some days you’ve got to forget about putting a face full of make up on and just take the damn picture. I nearly didn’t include the 2nd picture. I’ve just woke up, I havn’t cleaned my teeth and there isn’t a scrap of make up on my lily white face. I decided to because this is US! We’re in our weekend nest. We’re tired and grumpy (Nicholas) but look…

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  • 2 month old baby update - Roseyhome - baby update, postpartum update, baby, newborn, 2 month update, two month update

    Maeve’s 2 month baby update

    Maeve turned 2 months old on 8th of July 2017 but I was away on a hen do. It was the first time I’d left Maeve over night. We then spent…

  • My Sisters in July 2017 - Roseyhome - siblings project, photography project, photography, sisters, girls, siblings, family

    My Sisters in July 2017

          My Sisters in July 2017. These girls of mine. They are growing up so damn fast! My 10 week old baby girl looks like she’s 7 months, and my…

  • Joie Dreamer Baby Bouncer Review - Roseyhome - bouncy chair, bouncer, review, baby, newborn, baby items, baby seat, joie, rocker

    Joie Dreamer Baby Bouncer Review*

      I had been searching website after website for a stylish baby seat that didn’t cost the earth.   When Rosalie was a baby she took all her naps in her…

  • Primark Haul - July 2017 - Roseyhome - primark haul, shopping haul, primark, holiday, spring, summer

    Primark Haul – July 2017

      I didn’t mean to do it. I had a few things to take back and well it just kind of happened… On the plus side I did get some great…