Maeve’s 2 Week Update

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This is Maeve’s 2 week update. I wanted to write weekly updates of our newborn baby girl, Maeve. They change so much in these first few days and the weeks soon pass in a whirlwind of breast feeds and nappy changes. I plan to do updates weekly until she is four weeks old and then I’ll do monthly updates after that.

Maeve has now been registered so her name is officially Maeve Elizabeth. Although, around the house and with family she is mostly referred to as Maevie.

Rosalie is still completely in love with her. She wants to come into our room to cuddle Maevie every morning as soon as she wakes up.

Maeve is a very good baby, she is quite content. Although over the last few days she has started to cry out suddenly as if she is in pain but then she will quickly settle again. I think she might have been a little backed up as she hadn’t done a big poo for a while. She has done one today though so I think whatever it was has cleared.


Feeding is going well although I did develop Mastitis which I’ll talk more about later. Maeve only feeds for about 10/15 minutes. I was quite worried at first as Rosalie used to feed for about 45 minutes. The doctor I saw on Monday said that because I had breastfed Rosalie for so long (14 months) my boobs were just much more efficient and so Maeve was getting all the milk she needed in much less time.

I need to wind her after every feed until she burps or sicks up a little bit. I find if I don’t and I lay her down she will sick up the whole feed.


I developed Mastitis in my left boob. I have been to the doctors and I was lucky enough to see a breast feeding specialist which was really reassuring. I was pretty positive that I had mastitis as I had it twice before when I was breast feeding Rosalie. My nipples weren’t cracked or sore but my boobs were very lumpy and red. My main symptom was how Ill I felt, I definitely had flu like symptoms. I was headachey and dizzy and I pretty much felt like I wanted to cry. When I went to the doctors my temperature was high and so was my blood pressure. The doctor was actually quite worried about me and asked if there was some one at home. She prescribed some antibiotics and it soon cleared up. I was able to continue to feed Maeve the whole way through without too much pain and luckily she didn’t seem to suffer any ill affects from the antibiotics.


Maeve was born at 40+1 weeks and she weighed 7lbs 10 oz. At her 5 day weight check she had gone down to 7lbs 8 oz.

She was weighed at 9 days and her weight had gone up to 7lb 14 1/2 oz.



Maeve pretty much spends her days eating and sleeping. She feeds every few hours but then has periods within that when she will cluster feed every half an hour or so. I am pretty much letting her feed whenever she wants to.

Maeve is quite good and if we are out and about she will sleep. She will sleep in her pram and her car seat.

We are using a dummy which Maeve is starting to take more now. The dummy is still quite big for her little mouth. Some times she takes it and sometimes she wont. It is quite handy if I can’t get to feed her immediately for whatever reason or if Nick is trying to settle her.



Maeve is still sleeping pretty well. We are feeding her before we go to bed at 11pm, she will then sleep till around 1am/2am. I then feed he and she normally goes back down until 5am. It’s not too bad at all especially as she doesn’t feed for that long.



Maeve is starting to get a little flakey now. We have only bathed her twice so far, and just in warm water. The first time we bathed Maeve, we did it in the big bath with a bath chair, and with Rosalie! but I found I couldn’t clean her very well.

The second time I bathed her in Rosalie’s dolls bath and it actually worked quite well. It was a little small so Nick still had to help me hold her in there. I have ordered a Shnuggle Cosy Baby bath and I am hoping that’ll be abit easier to bathe her in on my own.

Maeve has started to get a few spots in her neck creases and behind her ears. I imagine it’s where the sick has gathered so I am making sure I clean in there with cotton pads.


Maevie is absolutely wonderful. It’s like she has always been here.




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    Rebecca | AAUBlog
    6th June 2017 at 7:21 PM

    so sorry to hear you got mastitis – I’ve heard how painful that can be. Maeve is utterly adorable x

  • Reply
    Bex @ The Mummy Adventure
    6th June 2017 at 8:01 PM

    She is adorable!! I found that my first used to feed for ages too and then my others were much more efficient.

  • Reply
    6th June 2017 at 10:10 PM

    Wow those early baby days are so intense and magical! Sorry to hear about the mastitis but good that it cleared quickly. Your daughter looks so gorgeous and peaceful.

  • Reply
    7th June 2017 at 7:57 PM

    Sorry to hear about the mastitis. I’m glad it’s better now though.

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