Pregnancy Update – 24 Weeks

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A had big plans for my maternity leave and I am starting to get a little anxious as I have realised that with looking after two small children there is not going to be time for much else! I need to sit down and set myself do realistic goals and go from there.


How far along? 24 weeks and 1 day

Due date? 7th May 2017

How is baby doing? Baby weighs 600 grams and is 11.81 inches long. Baby’s hair is beginning to change to the colour that it will be at birth. That’s if she has any. Rosalie had no hair until she was about 6 months old! Baby’s weight is due to double in the next 4 weeks. Right now baby weighs about the same as a lengthy paperback novel, not that I know what one of those feels like, it’s been a long time since I’ve read a book! Baby’s lungs are developing and preparing for their first breaths. They are also producing a substance called surfactant that helps in keeping the lungs from collapsing or sticking together during exhalation. Loud noises may startle baby, causing a sudden jolt in the uterus. Due to baby’s growth there isn’t much room in the uterus anymore.

Maternity clothes: I still havn’t placed my h and m order, honestly baby will be here before I get a chance. Only 15 weeks left!

Stretch marks: No stretch marks yet. I’ve been a little lax with my bb application this week.I’ve noticed my hands are a lot dryer too because of these so I really need to make sure I keep it up.

Sleep: I slept terribly last night. There was no reason for this, Rosalie didn’t wake. I was just tossing and turning. I have too much on my mind I think!

Best moment this week: Nothing baby related is happening this week really. I’m starting to plan baby’s nursery and if Nick agrees I might place the order for baby’s canopy.

Miss anything? I’m starting to get achey. When I was expecting Rosalie I still attended a yoga class every week and I think it really helped. This time round I really should start to do something.

Movement: The novelty has definitely worn off with feeling baby’s movements. This baby girl is such a wriggler. I think she is moving a lot more than Rosalie ever did and it seems to be all the time. Particularly in the early when I am trying to get comfortable in bed. I don’t think she likes me laying down.

Gender: It’s a Girl.

Labour signs: No

Symptoms: I am getting a lot more achey as I said, and it is starting to become a struggle to get out of bed in the morning. It is taking me a while to get warmed up that’s for sure. I have horrible eczema on the back of my hand which I also got when I was pregnant with Rosalie. I think it’s because of the increased hand washing due to more frequent toilet trips. I’ve also been at home a lot more these last few weeks as Nick’s mum has been away on holiday. This has meant my hands have been in water a lot more as I am constantly cleaning. Bump is growing, baby is moving lots and waking me up,and boobs are growing… the usual.

Anything making you queasy or sick? No sickness, I think we have left that stage now which is rather nice.

Belly button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy

How I feel? Anxious, but not about the baby or pregnancy but just life in general. Today was my first day back at work after a few weeks off as Nick’s mum who normally looks after Rosalie was on holiday. I have been putting so many blog/youtube/life tasks off by saying to myself that when I am no longer at work I will have the time to get these things done. These last few weeks have shown me that actually work isn’t possible when I am looking after Rosalie at ALL! Rosie does start Pre-school in April so there will be a couple of hours, 3 times a week that I will have as designated work time but that will be it. I say that but I will have a newborn then but hopefully she will nap. We will see. I need to revaluate this year’s goals I think and make a realistic plan.

Looking forward to: getting back into some kind of routine. I have 8 weeks of work left until my maternity leave starts. If I’m honest I’ve been dreading going back after Christmas. I just need to accept that it is happening and get on with it. Hopefully when week 1 is down I’ll feel better about it all.


You can take a look at my 24 Week Pregnancy Update video below:::

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