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Our living has always been a bit of an afterthought. When we started to plan the redecoration of our house, this room was not on the cards. However, once we had finished the rest of the house and the room hand been filled with dust too many times it became apparent that it had to be done. We painted the walls, chose a new floor and kept our existing sofa. I never had a chance to plan his room from scratch. I have had to work with what is already there and as a result it has never really looked quite right.
Lately, I have been thinking I want to tackle this room.
Ideally I’d like a new sofa. I have mentioned this to Nick and he flew off the handle so I don’t think this will be happening any time soon. What I’d really like is something like this. I’m sure he will say it’s not comfy enough and that he wants a corner sofa like we already have but a girl can dream…
I also want to add a set of string shelves above our chair. I love a good shelfie and would love to have a little set of shelves to potter around with. I actually prefer this one from Ikea but I went to pick it up a few weeks and I couldn’t find it. I looked online when I got home and it’s been removed. It looks like I missed the boat on that one which I am really upset about. They were much more reasonable priced and I quite fancied a set for my guest bedroom too.
I’d like to add this picture rail above the TV. I’ve actually bought this already but Nick is currently refusing to put up any more shelves. See how unhelpful my husband is?! Don’t worry, I’ll work on him. I haven’t actually decided on the prints or pictures I want to display on there yet so I am happy to know it’s waiting in the loft for when I am ready.
Last thing I’d quite like is this Copper Lamp. This is the only thing both Nick and I agree on. It’s quite pricey at £180 but Nick chose it and is actually really keen to buy it. There isn’t much in this house he chooses. Who am I to stand in between a man and his lamp?
What do you think of my picks? What items are on your living room wish list?
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