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I thought I’d let you in on a little secret… This is actually Rosalie’s main Christmas present from Mummy and Daddy but I have set it up early. I’m so so pleased with it. I wanted to review it as soon as possible so that if you like it too you can order one for your little one, in time for Christmas.

Rosalie LOVES books. She spends many hours a day bringing me books, sitting on my lap and snuggling in whilst I read to her. At the moment, we sit in the middle of her bedroom floor reading. I have bought her a lot of books for Christmas and I had the idea to create a cosy reading nook for her too.
I spent a long time researching teepee’s online. I wanted a plain white teepee. There is a lot of prints going on in Rosalie’s bedroom already and I didn’t want to add another clashing one. I found a lot of the teepee designs were quite bright and garish. Inspired by this gorgeous Instagram pic I wanted one that was plain and simple.
I found a lot of teepee’s were really expensive. Most teepee’s were over £150. I definitely wasn’t able to budget that much on just one gift. With Rosalie still being quite young, 15 months, I wasn’t even sure if it was something she would like.
I was so pleased when I stumbled across the little nomad company on Etsy. Their designs are simple but beautiful. I would welcome any of them into my home. I was so pleased to find that they did a plain white cotton one which was just what I wanted.
Little Nomad or Teepeelittlenomad as they are known on Etsy, is run by two mum’s, Anna and Caroline. Their Teepees are handmade and are 100% cotton and wood. I love that they believe less is better.

The teepee package includes all poles and fastenings so as soon as you receive your teepee you can start enjoying it. Not all teepee makers supply poles. The teepee itself is so easy to assemble. I managed to do it by myself with an excitable toddler running around.

I was surprised at how big the teepee was. Little Nomad’s prices are so reasonable compared to others on the market. The white cotton teepee package that we have is priced at £64.46 plus shipping. I thought the teepee might be smaller than others I had seen. Given Rosalie’s age (and size!) this wouldn’t have been a problem anyway, but it really isn’t. It’s actually rather large. Both Rosalie and I can fit in it quite comfortably so it makes the perfect reading corner.
As Rosalie grows she will get more and more use out of her Teepee. There are so many possibilities for imaginative play! I know there will be many years of fun to be had from it. Right now, for a toddler who adores reading, It’s the perfect little hideaway.
Since I started Roseyhome I have been approached by a few brands asking me to review various things. I only ever say yes if it’s something I genuinely want and would buy. However, I approached little Nomads, not the other way around. I asked if they would like to work together. I found their beautiful site and knew that not only would Rosalie adore a little magical space of her own, but that in all likelihood this lovely business would almost certainly be of interest to lots of other families too.
What makes these teepees special is firstly their design. The Little nomad teepees have 5 poles and 5 sides… others I have seen often only have 4. This allows for that extra bit of all important playing space.

Also, Anna and Caroline, who design and make these little dens, have the most gorgeous sense of style. Their designs are modern yet charming. Perfect for any trendy tot’s bedroom.

They are strong, durable and built to last for little ones to enjoy and play with for years. If you have a look on the Little Nomad site, you will see all the gorgeous designs available to choose from, as well as all of the beautiful accessories including mats and cushions.
Little Nomad have kindly offered all Roseyhome readers a special discount, where you can save 10% off these beautiful teepee’s, accessories and the teepee packages. To access this offer you just need to pop over to the Little Nomad Facebook page. It’s ok, they are a friendly bunch 🙂 Just leave a message to say you found Little Nomad’s through Roseyhome and you’ll receive your 10 % off. If your stuck for a special Christmas present for your little ones this would be a fantastic gift, and will genuinely see them through from baby to fully fledged little person.
These teepees can be used both inside and out. At the moment, as you can see I have set up Rosalies teepee in her bedroom. I added her favourite blanket and lots of cushions to make it nice and cosy. I may add some fairy lights too to make it extra christmassy! Come summer, we’ll be able to take it outside for lots of sunny garden fun!

To have a look at everything Little Nomads has to offer have a look on their site here… and to claim your 10% exclusive discount pop over to their Facebook page here. If your on the look out for some gorgeous home inspiration their instagram is here.



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    Alice & Amelia New Young Mum
    24th November 2015 at 3:14 PM

    This is stunning! I remember you posting about being after a white one so I'm pleased you found it! I adore the cushions you have inside it too. She will get used to it and love it. Amelia wasn't sure about hers at first, now she's in it all the time she would sleep in it if I'd let her! Beautiful photos!x

    • Reply
      Sarah Cantwell
      24th November 2015 at 4:09 PM

      Aww Thank you so much lovely! It took lots of searching but I'm so pleased with it. I'm glad you like the cushions too. It's been up a day and she's already popped in and out a few times. Teepee sleepovers, now there's an idea! Xx

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