Why I love my post feeding puppies?

So after 13 wondeful  months I have stopped breast feeding Rosalie. I have been left with some what, shall we say, empty mounds upon my chest. I am embracing these new little puppies and I am loving it!
Here’s why…
Comfy bra – After wearing a nursing bra for over a year the first time I put on an underwired bra was NOT pleasant. They are so uncomfortable! Needless to say I swiftly returned to my nursing bra.
I need to stop though. After a year of wearing 3 bras on rotation they are looking a little worse for wear. Now I have actually stopped feeding completely I have no excuse.
I purchased these little numbers in Next. Aren’t they lovely? I bought one in every colour. They are basically a lacy crop top. They are non wired so are very comfortable and don’t dig in anywhere. They hold everything up and the lace makes them a little bit sexy! Comfort and style what more could you ask for in a brassiere?
No bra days – We all have those outfits that look considerably better without a bra. You know the ones that are subtley sexy without a bra but damn right trampy when your bra strap is showing round the side. Now I feel I can go braless with confidence. I just need a little bit of tape to cover those nipples that seem to have grown an inch!
Feeding a baby – We would like to have more children and I’d like to be able to feed any future babies too. I know that when the time comes to have another baby if i can breast feed again, the size of these boobies will go up and down on the breast feeding rollercoaster. Mine, will be ready to go through it all over again.
32 DD’s here I come…
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    20th October 2015 at 8:18 AM

    cant wait till I can stop breast feeding my boy 🙂 So tired of big boobies, Use to be A and at the moment C 😀
    Your new bras looking so sexy 😉

    • Reply
      Sarah Cantwell
      20th October 2015 at 1:30 PM

      When you do stop they'll soon come back! Sexy but comfy, winning 🙂 xx

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